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GRIN (Hush)

Released: 2024

Genre: Psychedelic doom

Sounds Like: UFOMAMMUT, Russian Circles, Domkraft

Homeland: Berlin, Germany


What makes Hush elite and sit atop OHMs Peak?

  • The return of Germany's heavy psych duo hits with 16 mind numbing tracks of trippy industrial doom

  • The production on Hush is unique. It has this overlaying echoed industrial feel, almost as if it were recorded live in a well or dungeon. The bass and drums have this grand spacious sound

  • The sludge fueled vocals blend in beautifully to the music, almost sounding like another instrument

  • Sabine and Jan have such amazing chemistry. Listening to previous albums and this new masterpiece, GRIN seem to progress and explore new boundaries for the doom genre


Track Listing:

1. Hush 3:33

2. Calice 3:03

3. Gatekeeper 2:54

4. Midnight Blue Sorrow 1:20

5. Talons 1:37

6. Portal 3:45

7. Neon Skies 2:57

8. Vortex 1:45

9. Silver 3:05

10. Pyramid 1:38

11. Deathbringers 2:18

12. Nothingness 2:19

13. Venom 2:16

14. Eyes Like Daggers 3:31

15. The Tempest of Time 2:11

16. Torre del Serpe 2:17


Dive deeper into Hush with our Q&A with Guitarist / Vocalist Jan Oberg from GRIN.

OHMs Peak: Your past albums have been an onslaught of psychedelic sludge. With Hush, it seems you injected industrial and black metal influences into the mix. It's a refreshing direction and impressive range for the band. Can you provide a glimpse into the writing process and recording behind Hush?

Jan: We actually always write the bass lines first and don't really think about the direction in which the songs should develop beforehand. On "HUSH" we also have 6 songs from the "BLACK NOTHINGNESS" EP, which at the time had no guitars, just drums, bass and vocals. And it's really interesting how the mood of these reworked songs changes instantly just by adding some spacey guitars. In the end, we simply look at what goes well with the songs or what is still missing, that's how we do it every time. This industrial influence wasn't that obvious to us, but in retrospect we notice it a little too.

OHMs Peak: 'Venom' is otherworldly. The tribal rhythm offers a unique landscape. Where did the inspiration to create this song come from?

Jan: VENOM was written last and with the track we wanted to break out of the typical pattern in the doom/sludge genre, just like with the title track HUSH. Plus, the drums were actually already finished for all the tracks and I was too lazy to mike everything again, haha.

So we came up with this beat on the congas and thought it could work and now it's one of our favorite songs on the album and it also works great live..

OHMs Peak: 'Neon Skies' and ‘Vortex’ are perhaps our favorite tracks. 'Neon Skies' with its warm melodies and Type-O-Negative vibe. Vortex pulls us into post-rock territory. While these two tracks are on the shorter side, we encourage you to bleed them together live. Take us through the creation of these gems.

Jan: Type-O-Negative was definitely one of my favorite bands back then and that probably still shines through sometimes. On our last album that was mentioned a few times, but it's not really intentional on our part. Merging these two tracks live is definitely an interesting idea.

OHMs Peak: The album cover is very unique. Would love to get more insight behind the creation?

Jan: Mirkow Gastow, an artist from Berlin, is responsible for the artwork. He had several suggestions for us and that was the design that actually visually perfectly reflected what our album sounds like. He did it incredibly well. The design, the choice of colors, the oversized logo, that really makes it an eye-catcher. Good job again Mirkow!

OHMs Peak: Grin is stranded on an island with only a solar powered record player. The entire band must agree to only 1 album to have during your stay… what album is it?

Jan: That's a very difficult question, but we would take Tom Petty - Wildflowers with us. A fantastic album from start to finish and it suits the desert island very well, if also a few bottles of Pina Colada washed up on the beach we could stay there for a while.


GRIN are:

Sabine Oberg – Bass Guitar

Jan Oberg – Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Soundscapes

Guitar solo on PORTAL performed by Caspar Orfgen (DAEVAR)

Produced, mixed and mastered by Jan Oberg at HIDDEN PLANET STUDIO / Berlin

Artwork & Layout by Mirkow Gastow

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