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Electric Valley Records

Electric Valley Records is a label based in Sardinia (Italy) and founded in 2014. Specializing in Stoner rock, Heavy psych, Psychedelic and Doom.

Electric Valley Records

Hypnosis by Atomic Mold released in 2018 on Electric Valley Records.

Cursed Tongue Records

Cursed Tongue Records is a two man run basement style label bringing tangible testament to the underground of everything heavy, it's all about the vinyl.

Cursed Tongue Records

Wolftooth - Valhalla - 2020 Official Lyric Video

Kozmik Artifactz

Kozmik Artifactz and Bilocation Records from Germany are two vinyl specialized labels under one banner known for their high quality releases. While Kozmik Artifactz is focused mainly on the Stonerrock genre, Bilocation Records offers also bands with a different musical direction.

Kozmik Artifactz Records

Kitchen Witch - Chase the Sun

Record Label Lounge
Seek out diverse collections of heavy music through some of world's most innovative record labels.
Seeing Red Records

Our mission is to bring the masses an eclectic array of artists from various genres and styles and to celebrate the perpetual survival of underground music in the face of trends, business hawks, and naysayers whom have all made a conscious effort to distort and destroy what we hold dear.

Seeing Red Records

Deathbell - "Come To Trouble" from the album With The Beyond

Ripple Music

Ripple Music is home to some of the worlds most heaviest and psychedelic rocks bands. Their continued effort to support these underground acts have made them a heavy hitter in the stoner rock/doom worlds.

Ripple Music

Brimstone Coven - The Woes of a Mortal Earth

Small Stone Records

Small Stone Recordings was founded in 1995 in Detroit, Michigan, by Scott Hamilton and specializes in the finest heavy rock ‘n' roll, psychedelia, doom, blues, hard rock, fuzz, metal, sludge and vintage ‘70s style rawk. 

Smack Stone

Tia Carerra I Tried and True (2020)

Consouling Sounds

Based out of Belgium, Consouling Sounds was founded in 2008 as a label specializing in post, doom and ambient music. Today, we have widened our scope to exciting, genre defying types of music, yet with a constant interest in quality and aesthetic.

Consouling Sounds

Consouling Sounds 24 Hours of Deep. Listening 2019

Sunrise Ocean Bender

Sunrise Ocean Bender Records is an independent label based in Richmond, Virginia, specializing in limited edition vinyl releases as well as digital formats. From psych rock to psych pop, prog to space rock, electronic to the kosmische… detours.

Sunrise Odean Bender

rana Crafter / Enter The Stream

Drone Rock Records

A small, niche record label based on the outskirts of Brighton on the south coast of the UK, specializing in strictly limited vinyl pressings of fuzz, drone, and modern psych.

Drone Rock Records

Psychic Lemon - TiCkToK

No Slip Records

NoSlip Records is a small independent, boutique styled Record Label that specializes in extremely... limited pressings of various vinyl releases.

No Slip Records

Antioch - III: Wings and Warlocks

Shunu Records

A young rock label driven by the search for quality and innovation in music. Focus on bringing the fans music and merch they love.

Shunu Records

Antioch - III: Wings and Warlocks

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