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Wayfarer (American Gothic)

Released: 2023

Genre: Black Metal, Western Metal

Sounds Like: Red Scalp, Cactus Black, Firelink

Homeland: Denver, Colorado

Wayfarer- American Gothic

What makes American Gothic elite and sit atop OHMs Peak?

  • American Gothic engulfs the listener into this dark yet picturesque mid-western world that appears to cover the turn of the century. All 8 tracks are contained within a dark western atmosphere unfolding like a classic novel much akin to Ed Kurtz’s ‘A Wind of Knives’ or Cormac McCarthy’s ‘Blood Meridian’

  • 'Cattle Thief’ is an all consuming standout track. Featuring brilliant heaviness with spiraling fretwork. It has sparked our revisiting of the whole 'Cattle Kate' tragedy from midwestern history. Can’t remember the last time a black metal anlbum inspired us to revisit researching an historical event

  • American Gothic delivers in a big way. Since their 2011 commencement this is Wayfarer’s most impressive piece of work. A brilliantly told journey that keeps to its dark western imagery and does not sway. The consistency and beauty make for one hell of a unique lens that sets Wayfarer on a new plain

  • The foursome from Colorado are a permanent mainstay in our heavy rotation. ‘ American Gothic’ is elite in stature featuring some of the best acoustic and slide guitar work and vocal contrasts to hit the metal scene

  • The closer ‘False Constellation’ could be one of the best closing tracks in the last decade accompanied by hair raising saloon piano and wild contrast. You feel the distant sun setting and raw smell of desolate despair


Track Listing:

1. The Thousand Tombs Of Western Promise 7:11

2. The Cattle Thief 9:06

3. Reaper On The Oilfields 4:14

4. To Enter My House Justified 5:12

5. A High Plains Eulogy 3:54

6. 1934 1:25

7. Black Plumes Over God's Country 5:46

8. False Constellation 6:59


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