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  • Flesh Creep (We Need You To Bleed)

    Released: 2024 Genre: Punk, Hardcore Sounds Like: Terror, Sick Of It All Homeland: Birmingham, UK What makes We Need You To Bleed elite and sit atop OHMs Peak? Flesh Creep deliver the perfect dose of punk hardcore in just under 20 minutes with this latest release The 10 tracks blend perfectly as the UK natives infuse a wild flurry of varying tempos and creative melodies Further we get a pleasant surprise as 'Insect Politics' treats us to a collaborative performance with short straw and Evie Thresher Do not let this dark album cover fool you, It actually drew us into the band. For anyone who fancies bands like early Norma Jean, Terror or Sick of it All, this is right up your alley Track Listing: 1. Gold 2:02 2. Heads Will Roll 2:06 3. Like Dogs 1:50 4. Bleed Out 1:59 5. False Flag 1:58 6. Insect Politics 1:33 7. Turf War 1:40 8. Yellow Tape 1:06 9. Video Nasty 2:00 10. Wetwork 2:16 Dive deeper into We Need You To Bleed with our Q&A with Vocalist Tom Bienkowski of Flesh Creep. OHMs Peak: We Need You To Bleed is 18 minutes and 37 seconds of punk brilliance coated with pure adrenaline and doses of classic hardcore angles. Would love to hear more about your recording process and vision for the creation of this album? Tom: The record was recorded over the course of a month or so at KK’s Steel Mill with our long time collaborator and good friend Thom (of the excellent band The Big Hell). People who are more interested in marketing than actual music will often tell you that it’s a ‘singles market’ right now and that albums are irrelevant, but quite frankly: creating something long form was what we wanted to do at the time and I think I speak for everyone when I say we value satisfying ourselves creatively than any kind of ‘strategy’. OHMs Peak: Tell us about the history of the band. How did you form and would love to hear more about your background in other bands prior to Flesh Creep? Tom: I used to play guitar in a band called Dutch, Our bass player Jack was in a rock band called Dead Slow, and our guitarist Sam (and now our new drummer Jim) played in hardcore punk act Golden Deathmask. We used to play shows together and once they was a gap in all of our schedules we decided to join forces on something raw and dramatic. Matt and Dan (guitarist and drummer, respectively) both joined without us having heard them play but the chemistry was undeniable from the first practice. OHMs Peak: What bands over the years have influenced this rhythmical fueled punk train that is Flesh Creep. Tom: This is an answer that could and would differ greatly depending on who in the band you’d asked. In light of this I’ll answer only for myself. My biggest lyrical influences in the hardcore sphere are Sam McPheeters of Born Against and Chris Colohan of Left for Dead/Cursed/Sect etc. Both manage to present nuanced arguments that are at the same time hard hitting and poetic. Outside of that, I consider REM’s ‘document one’ to be one of the most incisive political records of the 80’s without trying to be ‘brutal’ like more typical punks of the era. OHMs Peak: ‘Insect Politics' stands out with the collaboration with shortstraw and Evie Thresher. It's an amazing tune that has us yearning for more. Can you provide a glimpse into how this song came about. Tom: We first met Evie and Erin when we opened for The Chisel in 2021 and since then I’m proud to say they’ve become some of my closest friends. I’m constantly amazed and inspired by both of them and when it came to making this record, it wouldn’t have felt complete without ‘em. OHMs Peak: The album cover portrays an almost uncomfortable feel. Not sure what is going on in the photo? Can you elaborate on the creation of album art? Tom: Again, The cover is a collaboration between our friends Niamh and Kayleigh, both of whom were super proud to know, let alone be in a position to work with. The band photo on the back of the sleeve was taken by our pal Tom also, so the whole layout feels like a celebration of the amazing talent we are surrounded by in our circle. OHMs Peak: Flesh Creep is stranded on a desert island with only a solar powered turntable and majestic solar powered speakers. The band collectively can only choose one album… what album would it be? Tom: This is very much easier said then done so I’ll be diplomatic… one of our fondest band memories was getting a call to open for Terror with a few hours notice (and I myself was coming home from holiday so had to taxi straight from the airport to the venue) but we still managed to pull off a set we were all very proud of. So I’ll choose their debut ‘lowest of the low’ as a reminder of some good times. Flesh Creep are: Tom: Vocals Matt: Guitar Sam: Guitar Jack: Bass Dan: Drums Follow Flesh Creep: Bandcamp / Facebook Grab some Flesh Creep Merch Music (vinyl, CDs, digital, shirts, etc.)

  • Hekate (House of Solomon)

    Released: 2024 Genre: Heavy rock, Stoner rock, Metal Sounds Like: Witchskull, Saint Vitus Homeland: Australia What makes House of Solomon elite and sit atop OHMs Peak? We will follow Marcus De Pasquale to our graves. His vocal style is brilliantly distinct and entrancing and has pioneered two of our favorite bands in Looking Glass and Witchskull Pasquale continues his winning workaholic ways with Hekate, another Australian gem. The band’s second release House of Solomon is a warhorse of an album loaded with anthemic power-chords but also containing a rich heartfelt underpinning of warmth and texture This release amps up the production from start to finish. ‘Cold’ pulls us in with its despair and slurred angst, but we are floored by the crisp bass-work the song delivers.‘Trip Wire’ takes things to a whole new level with its grinding anthemic riffs, Pasquale is angelic on this track What ensues is unwavering excellence in every track up through the chilling closer in ‘Arctic Tern’ painting a powerful landscape of sonic bewilderment House of Solomon is a mighty impressive piece of work making our quest to get Marcus De Pasquale performing within the United States in any form all the more essential. As Desertfest New York City continues to round out its lineup in the coming months we implore you to please give this album a listen and all that Marcus De Pasquale has done. These folks need a direct flight to share their brilliance with the United States of America. Track Listing: 1. Intro 0:14 2. Cold 3:46 3. To the River 2:36 4. Trip Wire 3:10 5. Goat of the Sabbath 5:03 6. Cordelia 4:46 7. For All Your Sins 4:14 8. House of Solomon 2:53 9. Arctic Tern 6:07 Dive deeper into House Of Solomon with our Q&A with Guitarist / Vocalist Marcus De Pasquale from Hekate. OHMs Peak: Would love some additional insight behind the innerworkings behind your name ‘Hekate’. Our understanding is that ‘Hecate’ spelled a bit differently connotates the goddess of witchcraft. Was this intentional as an extension of Witchskull? Where does all the intrigue behind the occult and witchcraft stem? Marcus: The name is used by a few different artists, we don't care though, it's a name I've had in my mind for a long time. I like it with the K. because the word Heka is Ancient Egytian , God of Magick, primordial God from the Old Dynasty. So I like that little fusion. Hekate is such a cool Goddess. I have a theory that The Statue Of Liberty is actually Hekate, or something very close to her in representation. Apparently the guy actually got the design from a necropolis in southern Eygpyt, Nubia. And Hekate is the Goddess of Necropolis'. But this all speculative. OHMs Peak: House of Solomon is a tremendous follow-up to Sermons to the Black Owl both are beloved by our team here and constantly in heavy rotation. We noticed this release pulls in more vivid production and more biblical references. Take us through the concept and creation.? Marcus: The concept as always was to deliver a well rounded, full palette various textures and dynamics and approach only what the song requires devoid of any superfluous baggage. It's hard to please everyone. We're massive Sabbath and Vitus fans, but what is required in high art is the bypassing of conscious thoughts, and to get close to the psychic reactor where instincts and reflexes originate. Sabbath is in our DNA so that aesthetic is always going to be prevalent. Music that grooves and flows, with a high emphasis on vocal melodies and strong choruses. Being aware of when and when not to play, and what volume were playing at in any given moment, allowing it be breath and become buoyant. I kept thinking I want lush purple tinged grooved based sounds, really intense. I thought the guys absolutely did exceptional jobs recording it. Ash and I live in Canberra and Nathan and Jay live in Sydney,  so we have to travel a lot, which shows a good commitment,  we all live to play music. We used to bring full demo songs in. But lately we've just let the song slowly grow through jamming and trying to be minimal and fully focus on the groove aspect. The overall vocals with melodies come  pretty quickly, for me I need a good melody first and then try and smooth it out and bring a strong dream like narrative. We don't rush the process. We just let the song slowly appear. I had the title for a while in my mind. OHMs Peak: ‘Trip Wire’ is one of our favorite tracks. Tremendous grinding riffs and 70s Sabbath reflection. What is the meaning behind this track? Such despair, we were wondering the connectivity with “when the trip wire’s calling its color blue” in particular. Marcus: Man thank you all so much!. Trip Wire is a lot different from anything we've done before. The dynamic from the tension,  release, is a strong fundamental of it. The vocalist needs to be vulnerable and real. And i like that aspect of it. I kept thinking, it's about people saying goodbye to each other. Or it's like the Trip wire is connected to an explosion and it's one of those landmine situations. I like things vague and have the option of being interpretated in different ways, which are personal to each listener. OHMs Peak: Any plans to tour the United States? How far out has Hekate branched? We would love to get you in some venues within the Boston/New England area. Marcus: Yes would love to come over sometime!! That would be a dream come true. Hopefully in the future we can map something out. OHMs Peak: Loving the artwork on both of your albums. Who created? Would love to hear more about the selection and temptress profile? Marcus: It's our good friend Lisa Engeman. She's done both album lay outs. She is extremely gifted with her Art and approach to Life. Amazingly beautiful and inventive person. and she is a real practising Witch. Who is deeply involved in the work. OHMs Peak: Hekate is stranded on a desert island with only a solar powered turntable and majestic solar powered speakers. The band collectively can only choose one album… what album would it be? Marcus: It's not a hard choice.. it's Paranoid!. Hekate are: Marcus De Pasquale: Vox, Guitar, Keys Ashley Byron: Guitar Mal Lloyd: Bass Nathan Millett: Drums Follow Hekate: Bandcamp / Facebook Grab some Hekate Merch Music (vinyl, CDs, digital, shirts, etc.)

  • GRIN (Hush)

    Released: 2024 Genre: Psychedelic doom Sounds Like: UFOMAMMUT, Russian Circles, Domkraft Homeland: Berlin, Germany What makes Hush elite and sit atop OHMs Peak? The return of Germany's heavy psych duo hits with 16 mind numbing tracks of trippy industrial doom The production on Hush is unique. It has this overlaying echoed industrial feel, almost as if it were recorded live in a well or dungeon. The bass and drums have this grand spacious sound The sludge fueled vocals blend in beautifully to the music, almost sounding like another instrument Sabine and Jan have such amazing chemistry. Listening to previous albums and this new masterpiece, GRIN seem to progress and explore new boundaries for the doom genre Track Listing: 1. Hush 3:33 2. Calice 3:03 3. Gatekeeper 2:54 4. Midnight Blue Sorrow 1:20 5. Talons 1:37 6. Portal 3:45 7. Neon Skies 2:57 8. Vortex 1:45 9. Silver 3:05 10. Pyramid 1:38 11. Deathbringers 2:18 12. Nothingness 2:19 13. Venom 2:16 14. Eyes Like Daggers 3:31 15. The Tempest of Time 2:11 16. Torre del Serpe 2:17 Dive deeper into Hush with our Q&A with Guitarist / Vocalist Jan Oberg from GRIN. OHMs Peak: Your past albums have been an onslaught of psychedelic sludge. With Hush, it seems you injected industrial and black metal influences into the mix. It's a refreshing direction and impressive range for the band. Can you provide a glimpse into the writing process and recording behind Hush? Jan: We actually always write the bass lines first and don't really think about the direction in which the songs should develop beforehand. On "HUSH" we also have 6 songs from the "BLACK NOTHINGNESS" EP, which at the time had no guitars, just drums, bass and vocals. And it's really interesting how the mood of these reworked songs changes instantly just by adding some spacey guitars. In the end, we simply look at what goes well with the songs or what is still missing, that's how we do it every time. This industrial influence wasn't that obvious to us, but in retrospect we notice it a little too. OHMs Peak: 'Venom' is otherworldly. The tribal rhythm offers a unique landscape. Where did the inspiration to create this song come from? Jan: VENOM was written last and with the track we wanted to break out of the typical pattern in the doom/sludge genre, just like with the title track HUSH. Plus, the drums were actually already finished for all the tracks and I was too lazy to mike everything again, haha. So we came up with this beat on the congas and thought it could work and now it's one of our favorite songs on the album and it also works great live.. OHMs Peak: 'Neon Skies' and ‘Vortex’ are perhaps our favorite tracks. 'Neon Skies' with its warm melodies and Type-O-Negative vibe. Vortex pulls us into post-rock territory. While these two tracks are on the shorter side, we encourage you to bleed them together live. Take us through the creation of these gems. Jan: Type-O-Negative was definitely one of my favorite bands back then and that probably still shines through sometimes. On our last album that was mentioned a few times, but it's not really intentional on our part. Merging these two tracks live is definitely an interesting idea. OHMs Peak: The album cover is very unique. Would love to get more insight behind the creation? Jan: Mirkow Gastow, an artist from Berlin, is responsible for the artwork. He had several suggestions for us and that was the design that actually visually perfectly reflected what our album sounds like. He did it incredibly well. The design, the choice of colors, the oversized logo, that really makes it an eye-catcher. Good job again Mirkow! OHMs Peak: Grin is stranded on an island with only a solar powered record player. The entire band must agree to only 1 album to have during your stay… what album is it? Jan: That's a very difficult question, but we would take Tom Petty - Wildflowers with us. A fantastic album from start to finish and it suits the desert island very well, if also a few bottles of Pina Colada washed up on the beach we could stay there for a while. GRIN are: Sabine Oberg – Bass Guitar Jan Oberg – Drums, Vocals, Guitars, Soundscapes Guitar solo on PORTAL performed by Caspar Orfgen (DAEVAR) Produced, mixed and mastered by Jan Oberg at HIDDEN PLANET STUDIO / Berlin Artwork & Layout by Mirkow Gastow Follow GRIN: Bandcamp / Facebook / Instagram Grab some GRIN Merch Music (vinyl, CDs, digital, shirts, etc.)

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    Embark on a journey to explore the elite in heavy music. Covering Doom, Stoner, Psychedelic and all heavy sub-genres. Our goal is to bring fourth the heavy albums that hit majestic heights. How does an album reach OHM's Peak? Our Rigorous Screening Process (RSP) searches through vast landscapes to bring you the finest in elite heavy music. We do the work, you enjoy the majestic sonic vista. ​ Contact us via email at or message us on Social . About OHM's Peak Black Metal Death Metal Doom Experimental Garage Rock Grunge Hard Rock Hardcore Heavy Rock Math Rock Metal metalcore Noise rock Noise Rock Post Hardcore Post Metal Post Rock Progressive Metal Progressive Rock Psychedelic rock Punk Shoegaze Sludge Space Rock Stoner Rock

  • OHMage to Record Labels | OHMs Peak

    Electric Valley Records Electric Valley Records is a label based in Sardinia (Italy) and founded in 2014. Specializing in Stoner rock, Heavy psych, Psychedelic and Doom. Electric Valley Records Hypnosis by Atomic Mold released in 2018 on Electric Valley Records. Cursed Tongue Records Cursed Tongue Records is a two man run basement style label bringing tangible testament to the underground of everything heavy, it's all about the vinyl. Cursed Tongue Records Wolftooth - Valhalla - 2020 Official Lyric Video Kozmik Artifactz Kozmik Artifactz and Bilocation Records from Germany are two vinyl specialized labels under one banner known for their high quality releases. While Kozmik Artifactz is focused mainly on the Stonerrock genre, Bilocation Records offers also bands with a different musical direction. Kozmik Artifactz Records Kitchen Witch - Chase the Sun Record Label Lounge Seek out diverse collections of heavy music through some of world's most innovative record labels. Seeing Red Records Our mission is to bring the masses an eclectic array of artists from various genres and styles and to celebrate the perpetual survival of underground music in the face of trends, business hawks, and naysayers whom have all made a conscious effort to distort and destroy what we hold dear. Seeing Red Records Deathbell - "Come To Trouble" from the album With The Beyond Ripple Music Ripple Music is home to some of the worlds most heaviest and psychedelic rocks bands. Their continued effort to support these underground acts have made them a heavy hitter in the stoner rock/doom worlds. Ripple Music Brimstone Coven - The Woes of a Mortal Earth Small Stone Records Small Stone Recordings was founded in 1995 in Detroit, Michigan, by Scott Hamilton and specializes in the finest heavy rock ‘n' roll, psychedelia, doom, blues, hard rock, fuzz, metal, sludge and vintage ‘70s style rawk. Smack Stone Tia Carerra I Tried and True (2020) Consouling Sounds Based out of Belgium, Consouling Sounds was founded in 2008 as a label specializing in post, doom and ambient music. Today, we have widened our scope to exciting, genre defying types of music, yet with a constant interest in quality and aesthetic. Consouling Sounds Consouling Sounds 24 Hours of Deep. Listening 2019 Sunrise Ocean Bender Sunrise Ocean Bender Records is an independent label based in Richmond, Virginia, specializing in limited edition vinyl releases as well as digital formats. From psych rock to psych pop, prog to space rock, electronic to the kosmische… detours. Sunrise Odean Bender rana Crafter / Enter The Stream Drone Rock Records A small, niche record label based on the outskirts of Brighton on the south coast of the UK, specializing in strictly limited vinyl pressings of fuzz, drone, and modern psych. Drone Rock Records Psychic Lemon - TiCkToK No Slip Records NoSlip Records is a small independent, boutique styled Record Label that specializes in extremely... limited pressings of various vinyl releases. No Slip Records Antioch - III: Wings and Warlocks Shunu Records A young rock label driven by the search for quality and innovation in music. Focus on bringing the fans music and merch they love. Shunu Records Antioch - III: Wings and Warlocks Black Metal Death Metal Doom Experimental Garage Rock Grunge Hard Rock Hardcore Heavy Rock Math Rock Metal metalcore Noise rock Noise Rock Post Hardcore Post Metal Post Rock Progressive Metal Progressive Rock Psychedelic rock Punk Shoegaze Sludge Space Rock Stoner Rock

  • OHMage to the Artist | OHMs Peak

    OHMmage to the Artist Artist: Cauê Piloto (Brazil) Inspiration: Bruegel, Hieronymus Bosch, John Martin, Turner, Beksinski ​ ​ Artist: Nicolas Fantoni (Brazil) Inspiration: SYoshitaka Amano, Yoji Shinkawa, Ayami Kojima Artist: Timon Kokott Art Work (Germany) Inspiration: Dan Seagrave, René Magritte, Caspar David Friendrich and H.R. Giger Artist: Soares Illustration & Design (Portugal) Inspiration: Salvador Dali, William Morris, Wes Wilson and Ken Taylor ​ Artist: Bloodyspirit (France) Inspiration: GODMACHINE, Defame and Mark Riddick AlexEckmanLawn (USA) Inspiration: Dave Mckean, Katsuhiro Otomo and Moebius Darren Grealish (USA) Inspir ation: Andy Warhol and Marc Rude Nouvo Creative (United Kingdom) Inspiration: Frances Macdonald MacNa ir and Alphonse Mucha Threadbare Artwork (Belgium) Inspiration: Sarah Moon an d Kyle Cooper Alexander Hettel Artwork (Germany) Inspiration: Salvador Dali, H.R. Giger and John Dyer Baizley Jesse DeNobrega Inspiration: Brian Chippendale, used CD stores, Yoko Ono, Love Love Hill Lex Percepied (Buenos Aires, Argentina) Inspiration: Dali, Drugs, Psilocybe, Spacerock Mihai Manescu Illustrations Inspiration: Al. Durer, H.R. Giger, Zbigniew M. Bielak, Ken Taylor Ghost Ghost Teeth (California) Inspiration: My daughter Missfelidae Illustration (Linz, Austria) Inspiration: Jean Giraud Moebius, Caw Cooper and Moki Mioke Nikita Kaun (Russia) ZONUMENT - Artworks (United Kingdom) Inspiration: 2000AD Artists, John Hicklenton and Simon Bisley Jo Riou (France) Inspira tion: Art Nouveau, Heavy metal artists from 70's, 80's Miodeus (Poland) Inspiration: Old horror and sci-fi movie posters Khoa Le (Vietnam) Inspiration: Myself Irrwisch Art Design (Austria) Inspira tion: LP cover artworks from Dad Vasco Duarte (Portugal) Inspiration: Victo Ngai, Moebius, Sergi Brosa, Alphonse Much a Roberto Toderico (Italy) Inspira tion: Simon Bisley, Roger Dean, Gustave Dore Burning Moon (Belgium) Inspiration: Zoé and Nicolas SkullCult Inspiration: HR Giger, Aubrey Beard sley, Albrecht Dürer Jared Nichols (US) Inspiration: My Alexander Calder, David Gilmour, Frank Zappa Eliran Kantor (Berlin, Germany) Inspiration: John Kricfalusi, Terry Gilliam Antoine Defarges (France) Inspiration: Alphonse Mucha Chris Panatier (USA) Inspiration: Jeremy Geddes, Mucha, John Baizley Marie Bergeron (Montreal, Canada) Inspiratio n: Sam Spratt, Olly Moss, Erik Jones, Kim Jung Gi Barbara Ana Gomez (London) Inspiration: Alphonse Mucha, Yuko Shimizu, Paul X. Johnson Distorted Designs (Berlin,Germany) Inspiration: Pierre-Alain D. and Nekr Merrilee Challiss (Birmingham, Alabama) Inspiration: Gustav Klimt, African & Aboriginal art Sgraffito Art Illustrations (Iceland) Inspiration: Early 20th Century Illustration Dominic Sohor (Bolton, UK) Inspiration: Tony Hart Dale Simpson (England) Inspiration: Rick Griffin Art is the gateway to see and feel what a band represents. When seeking out artists, what draws you in, the album cover? Well, there’s no better feeling than discovering that heavy gem with terrific artistry and music to match. See our favorite artists and their work here. Artist: Eeviac (Brazil) Inspiration: Storm Thorgerson, Winston Smith, Frank Kozik Black Metal Death Metal Doom Experimental Garage Rock Grunge Hard Rock Hardcore Heavy Rock Math Rock Metal metalcore Noise rock Noise Rock Post Hardcore Post Metal Post Rock Progressive Metal Progressive Rock Psychedelic rock Punk Shoegaze Sludge Space Rock Stoner Rock

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