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Released: 2023

Genre: Post-metal, Drone-metal

Sounds Like: The Ocean, Tool, Occult Hand Order

Homeland: Belgium


What makes IIII elite and sit atop OHMs Peak?

  • If you have not dived into the world of BRIQUEVILLE yet, you are about to be immersed into some cathartic Post-drone metal

  • Briqueville has this brilliant minimalist Post-doom aura that is totally original. After hearing this beauty you will want to dive further into their library, and you'll be glad you did

  • IIII progresses a bit further from their previous release, Quelle, there are so many subtle nuances and textures to be discovered within each rotation

  • The track 'AKTEXVIII' is a Post-metal wonderment. This is right up there with anything Tool or The Ocean have released

  • BRIQUEVILLE's latest is the perfect companion for a cold hike, or just crank it as it will fill the room with beautiful Post-metal


Track Listing:

1. AKTE XVI - 6:57

2. AKTE XVII - 6:43

3. AKTE XVIII - 8:15

4. AKTE XIX - 4:16

5. AKTE XX - 12:15


Dive deeper into IIII with our Q&A with BRIQUEVILLE.

OHMs Peak: IIII picks up beautifully from your previous album Quelle. The minimalist doom landscape feels more elaborate and texture filled with brooding angles and dark nuances. What has fueled the progression to keep your signature sound evolving?

BRIQUEVILLE: We looked back to our previous records and tried to incorporate all of the different elements presented on them but with more finesse. That resulted automatically in a wider sound thanks to the more prominent role of synths and vocals. The progression on this album came naturally to us. 

We are never really looking to sound different it’s just the way we write our music as we are all listening to totally different styles/genres.

OHMs Peak: This album’s artwork is very unique and alluring. Can you provide any insights to the creation of the cover art as this image is very unique particularly for the doom genre?

BRIQUEVILLE: Thanks for the compliment! We have the tendency to do a lot of the artwork, clips, visuals ourselves. So this album cover came to one of us that is involved in photography. He had this idea of a four fingered hand covered in clay. (Our 4th album)

It looks burned and out of shape…. as so many global things currently are…. He made this image with his own hand as a model.

OHMs Peak: Can you provide a glimpse into the writing process of IIII? What influences guide your passion to create such ominous minimal doom?

BRIQUEVILLE: Conversations with people, nature, philosophy, relationships, music, art etc. can all be a source of inspiration. I don't think there are themes that can't inspire us. Talking about inspiration music-wise, we post playlists with artists that inspire us on our Spotify account. The next one ‘VOL. III’ will be out real soon.

OHMs Peak: Briqueville is stranded on an island with only a solar powered record player. The entire band must agree to only 1 album to have during your stay… what album is it?

BRIQUEVILLE: We talked about this question and came to realise that it is quite impossible for us to choose 1 record that we all agree about. What became clear is that it would be a soundtrack. They behold so many different emotions that it would be suitable for the hardships and the good times on that island, hehe. For example Interstellar by Hans Zimmer would be one, Paris Texas by Ry Cooder another one..


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