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Mars Red Sky (Dawn of the Dusk)

Released: 2023

Genre: Stoner rock, Heavy psych

Sounds Like: Dead Meadow, .Arenna, King Buffalo

Homeland: France

Mars Red Sky Dawn of the Dusk

What makes Dawn of the Dusk elite and sit atop OHMs Peak?

  • The trio hailing from France have been at the forefront of heavy psych space-infused doom since 2007. Dawn of the Dusk takes some well calculated turns not yet explored within their library, further expanding their sound yet keeping to their all-absorbing thick cosmic landscape

  • Bassist Jimmy Kinast does a phenomenal job on 'The Final Round'. The upbeat tempo sounds like a completely different band at the onset, but thick layers of the signature sound creep back in so elegantly.

  • We absolutely love the consistent unique album artwork Mars Red Sky continues to produce over the years, makes you want to purchase the vinyl

  • Among the trio's vast library of heavy psych, 'Maps of Inferno' is one of their top songs to grace our speakers . The vocals from Julien Pras are so unique coupled with the meandering space fuzz is absolutely stellar


Track Listing:

1. Break Even 6:10

2. Maps Of Inferno 7:17

3. The Final Round 6:22

4. A Choir Of Ghosts 3:22

5. Carnival Man 7:42

6. Trap Door :46

7. Slow Attack 4:50

8. Heavenly Bodies 3:22


Mars Red Sky are:

Julien Pras: vocals, guitars, harmonica, broken piano.

Jimmy Kinast: bass, drones, sound effects, lead vocals on The Final Round.

Mathieu Gazeau: drums, percussions, rhodes.

Helen Ferguson : vocals, backing vocals and autoharpe on Heavenly Bodies

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