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Fomies (Ominous Prominence)

Released: 2023

Genre: Garage rock, Psychedelic rock

Sounds Like: Osees, Slift, The Steams

Homeland: Vevey, Switzerland

Fomies - Ominous Prominence

What makes Ominous Prominence elite and sit atop OHMs Peak?

  • Fomies hailing from Switzerland, deliver their best album to date with 10 fantastically raw cuts of sonic bliss

  • The album is loaded with everything a garage rock enthusiast would desire. Fuzz-static brilliance, across-the-board as the album meanders through coves of experimental punk to inclines of beautiful Shoegaze and under dwellings of psychedelic fretwork

  • Our favorite track ‘See’ is filled with swirling fretwork and uptempo keyboards that delight. The track is addicting to the core thanks to its inviting melodic guitar/keyboard accompaniments blending down jazz inspired percussion

  • Inner Light’ features crisp and vibrant guitar melodies that pop into quirky off-kilter tones delivering a beautiful awkward

  • Fomies are blessed with tremendous range, chemistry and diversity. Much akin to King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard it feels like their flow of music abilities could have infinite boundaries


Track Listing:

1. Glass Pyramid 4:24

2. Lakeside Fever 4:40

3. See 7:55

4. The Seeker 4:03

5. Time Trial 3:15

6. Inner Light 3:18

7. Barren Mind 3:34

8. Confusion 4:20

9. The Eyewall 1:54

10. Chernabog 2:17


Dive deeper into Ominous Prominence with our Q&A with Fomies.

OHMs Peak: Your sound is so engrossing with that old school punk and 70s psychedelic influenced vibe yet layered with heavy chaos. Can you take us through the creation, vision and setting where Ominous Prominence was created?

Fomies: The creation starts with a lot of jamming, recording whatever sounds cool and deleting whatever sucks. Little by little, songs start to emerge and then we do our best to turn that into something we believe is cool.

Everyone gets his own vision of what this album means, but the setting was in Leysin with our good friend and sound engineer Benoît Erard, which worked with nice people such as Allah Las, L'Éclair or the Mauskovic Dance Band.

OHMs Peak: Fomies is a unique name for a band. Can you provide a glimpse into the meaning behind this name?

Fomies: It's a play on words between a foamie (surfboard) and homies, which represents how bad we are at surfing but good at just being together.

OHMs Peak: How did you guys form the band and what were your prior musical endeavors.

Fomies: We formed the band in 2017 as a bunch of friends wanting to play music together. Patrick our synth player has a also a project called Tremingo, our drummer Laurent plays for a project called Eckhart and our bass player has a band called Jean l'Asticot and plays for another band called Chacho.

OHMs Peak: Loving the wide array of creepy yet intriguing album art you have. Who put together the vivid arms raised piece for Ominous Prominence?

Fomies: This is the work of Jesse Fillingham. You might know him for his great artworks for the L.A. band Hooveriii. We reached out to him and he accepted to create this mysterious and cool piece.

OHMs Peak: Fomies is stranded on an island with only a solar powered record player. The entire band must agree to only 1 album to have during your stay… what album is it?

Fomies: Sleep - Dopesmoker


Ominous Prominence credits:

Artwork: Jesse Fillingham 

Visuals: Loris Briguet

Recording, mixing: Benoît Erard @ Ritmo Studio

Label: Taxi Gauche Records

All songs by Fomies

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