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Dommengang (Wished Eye)

Released: 2023

Genre: Psychedelic rock, Stoner rock

Sounds Like: King Buffalo, Aunt Cynthia's Cabin

Homeland: Oregon


What makes Wished Eye elite and sit atop OHMs Peak?

  • Dommengang have melded classic jam band and folk influences atop a wild blend of fuzzy psychedelics that will soothe your everyday travels

  • The Portland based trio deliver nine lofty tracks that flow eloquently together through peaks and valleys of psychedelic heaviness and comforting blues

  • The vocals of Sig Wilson and Brian Markham soak in the 70s psych influences with perfection and take the meandering tracks to another level.

  • Wished Eye keeps building momentum upon each listen conjuring landscapes in whatever shape you imagine. The album has been a staple in our rotation and an effective means to lowering our blood pressure. It’s the ultimate travel companion


Track Listing:

1. Runaway (6:06)

2. Society Blues (4:43)

3. Last Card (5:06)

4. Myth Time (5:08)

5. Little Beirut (1:47)

6. Blue & Peaceful (5:04)

7. Petrichor (4:27)

8. Wished Eye (3:33)

9. Flower (4:55)


Standout Tracks

A daunting task for an album of this eliteness, but 'Society Blues' and 'Blue & Peaceful' will lure you in with their punchy, raw psychedelic heaviness.

Activities suited for Wished Eye

This album is perfect for that brisk morning hike or chill bonfire with some 9% Galactic Vagabond IPA from Lord Hobo Brewing in Massachusetts.


Dommengang are:

Brian Markham - Bass, Vocals

Adam Bulgasem - Drums

Sig Wilson - Guitars, Vocals

Follow Dommengang: Bandcamp / Facebook


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