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Cactus Black (The Marrow of Our Truth)

Released: 2021

Genre: Folk rock, Hard rock

Sounds Like: Schomberg Fair, Devil Makes Three

Homeland: Winston Salem, North Carolina

Cactus Black

Album Overview

  • Chronicles the journey of a fugitive named Clay Blackwell

  • Storytelling at its finest. Album 3 hits new majestic heights for the trio

  • Beautiful dark imagery set to a riveting lyrical backdrop

  • Thickly layered melodies. Heck and Tyson deliver superb fretwork with Sunday the Drifter’s stalwart percussion

  • Refreshingly entertaining and original. One listen will have you downloading all three concept album releases

  • “In this season, we find orphaned brothers, Clay and Henry, desperate to break out of their hometown and make a name for themselves. The brothers decide to rob a bank, but the stick-up goes bad leaving some innocent folks lifeless. Henry has a moment of deep reflection where he considers whether the life of an outlaw is his path. Clay offers to take the fall for the whole robbery allowing Henry to escape. Clay is apprehended and lands in prison while Henry goes into hiding. Over the years the guilt of letting his brother take the rap begins to eat at Henry while Clay confronts his own mortality on death row.”

  • Not a bad track in the lot. Brilliant balance and flow. The melodies in ‘Jesus of Ohio’ are jaw-dropping inspiration.

  • Previous seasons: Las Cruces (2013) No Accomplice (2018)



1. All Thins Pass, All Things Change (5:07)

2. Bootlickers/Shitkicker (4:38)

3. Poor as Dirt (4:48)

4. After the Hold Up (4:18)

5. Carry the Weight (4:52)

6. Jesus of Ohio (5:08)

7. The State’s Man (2:33)

8. Whiskey with a Ghost (3:18)

9. 7 Years on Death Row (4:24)

10. Name and Blood (6:15)


Brew Pairing

Mother Earth Brewing Company from Kinston North Carolina have a wonderfully diverse collection of brews. “The Marrow of Our Truth” goes blissfully with ‘Honey’ at 7.9% ABV. This is an American/English-Style Double IPA, brewed using honey from Neuse Regional Beekeepers in Kinston, NC. A wallop of pungent American hops, with flavors of fruity hop bitterness giving way to a sweet honey finish.

Cactus Black are:

Mike Tyson - guitars, vox, keys

Randy Heck - bass, backing vox

Sunday the Drifter - drums

Follow Cactus Black: Facebook / Bandcamp


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