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Room 213 (Glass Vice)

Crank this to 10.3 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Garage rock

Sounds Like: Bo Bud Greene, Transition, The Jesus Lizard

Homeland: Atlanta, Georgia


Album Overview

  • The wildly diverse garage and psychedelic rock trio have delivered an absolute gem

  • Ten tracks commencing with hardcore punk further circling a deluge of euphoric introspect

  • Tremendous chemistry and vision. Raw and detailed hitting blissful angles

  • Pulling in influences from some of our favorite early 90s bands but molded into their own masterpiece

  • Yes garage rock might be the backbone here, but vertebrae extend outside the skin into progressive, jazz, and math rock surfaces


Track by Track Breakdown

1. CYOJ (3:37)

Punklicious muffled snaps... Check Ya Oil Jack!

2. Bluebilly (3:59)

Blues infusion and subtle swing will grab you as this track morphs so well into Crunch

3. Crunch (2:54)

Matthew is fucking brilliant on this track. A percussion masterpiece.

4. Born in a Weak (5:41)

Darker heavier edge as the trio dive into illness and overcast days.

5. Genuflect (4:15) Standout Track

Majestic, wild melodies. Intriguing lyrics take you to another place.

6. Ikejime (3:01)

Jazz interlude fucking works to perfection. Cleanse the palate.

7. Sifter (9:06)

Spiraling psychedelic fretwork in this epic track….perhaps the best use of the Wood Block we have ever encountered.

8. Squingent (5:34)

Wet bass fills this brilliantly titled track.

9. Glass Vice (2:58)

Back to the garage rock roots with the title track. Fuzzilicious and raw.

10. It Comes (2:26)

Filler closer, nothing to be seen here.


Brew Pairing

Sixpoint’s hazy IPA ‘Meltdown’ at 8% ABV is the perfect match to accompany Glass Vice. A lush, hazy, juicy IIPA with ripe tropical and bright citrus characteristics, and a soft, easy finish. Loaded up with enough dry-hops to melt your face and distort your outlook on the day.

Room 213 are:

Lachlan Tankersley - guitar and vocals

Matthew Tankersley - drums

Isaac Camden - bass and production

Follow Room 213: Bandcamp / Facebook


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