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Eremo (L' Ego in un Pagliaio)

Crank this to 9.2 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Math rock, Mathcore

Sounds Like: Chon, Kaonashi, The Chariot

Homeland: Milan, Italy


Album Overview

  • Eremo delivers the perfect blend of beauty, precision and chaos

  • Album cover tips you off to nothing

  • Superb precision fretwork post rock and post-hardcore backsplash

  • Chon-like speed and depth

  • Certainly checkout their 2016 self-titled debut. More incoherent cool album art and math rock bliss


Track by Track Breakdown:

1. Bentornato (3:27)

So much going on here vocally along percussion intricacies not to mention one hell of lead guitar melody

2. Senza Propositi (3:33)

This track shapes more on the post rock convention and then slowly gets overturned by blissful math rock tendencies

3. Autotune (5:04) Standout Track

The most majestic central theme of the lot. Wild visions and such intricate pathways

4. Caduco (3:36)

Break it down and build it up. Superb contrast on this track

5. Il Concetto (4:05)

Wild offbeat timing that makes sense after multiple listens. Such entertaining variety

6. L’ego in un Pagliaio (3:33)

The title track may be the most solemn. Dark ending.


Brew Pairing

Mastri Birrai Umbri’s IPA at 6.5% ABV is produced in Italy according to the traditional British style. It’s brewed with the best selection of pale and amber malts, top fermenting yeast and aromatichops. It features an intense and cloudy amber color with copper tones and a compact and persistent head. The aroma is characterized by the intensity of hops, with citrus and resinous notes, resulting from the dry hop with American and New Zealand hop varieties. The flavor is characterized by an important bitterness, balanced by the use of special malts which confer sweet malty notes; the finish is dry and fruity.

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