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Arbor Lights (Hatherton Lake)

Crank this to 9.3 of 11 - Editor's Pick

Released: 2013

Genre: Post Rock

Sounds Like: Coldbones, Cleft, sleepmakeswaves

Where the hell have we been the past 4 years, letting Arbor Lights slip through our radar is a major oversight. The foursome from Birmingham, UK has recently enlightened us with their 2013 debut album Hatheron Lake. Often we find instrumental Post-rock bands can sound very similar to one another, yet they have a formula that sets them apart from their peers. So, if you love instrumental Post-rock that expresses inspirational and majestic soundscapes, than look no further than Arbor Lights.

What are the highlights ofHatheron Lake?

Let’s begin with “Interstellar,” this comforting track will consume you with its uplifting aura. The drums and bass work are steady while the clean guitars portray feelings of hope, this track really gives off positive vibes. The 12:53 minute “Damascus” is fucking Post-rock perfection. Putting it in words is impossible, the track is very exploratory without veering to far from their style. It’s heavy, mesmerizing and soft, allowing the mind to drift and paint beautiful landscapes. The guitars on “Silhouettes” are absolutely remarkable and the use of the Glockenspiel steals the show, really elevating this track. The song builds beautifully over time gaining momentum until a sudden drop-off to end. The rhythm on “The Mayor and the Driver” is quite addicting. This could be the heaviest song on the album as the band really turns up the feedback and distortion.

How is the production value?

The production is clean and polished, exactly the way Post-rock was meant to sound.

Does the album art reflect the music?

Yes, the exploratory watercolor drawing of this cover definitely caught our attention.

What adult beverage to enjoy while listening to this album?

Tröegs Hopback Amber Ale.  Brewed in Pennsylvania, U.S. this 6.00 (ABV) ale is brewed with a medium to light bodied texture. The strong flavors of floral hops and caramel, along with a mild buttered bread and a subtle bitterness goes beautifully withHatheron Lake.

What are our final thoughts on Hatheron Lake?

Arbor Lights have become a mainstay in our rotation. If you love the Post-rock scene or well-structured instrumental music with some exploration, do not overlook these guys. The album is a Name Your Price at Bandcamp, so you can’t go wrong, but you may feel a bit guilty not throwing a few bucks their way after hearing this album.

Band Members:

Alex Clarke – Guitars

Matt Elton - More Guitars

Greg Aston - Bass

James D Clarke - Drums


1. The Silent City 07:19

2. Interstellar 05:22

3. Damascus 12:53

4. Silhouettes 07:11

5. The Mayor & The Diver 08:04.

Follow Arbor Lights: Bandcamp / Facebook


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