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Wodorost (Wodorost)

Crank this to 9.1 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Stoner rock, Post-rock

Sounds Like: Somali Yacht Club, Swan Valley Heights, Black Sky Giant

Homeland: Poland


Album Overview

  • Hailing from Poland, the trio deliver a robust and very textured album containing blissful stoner rock and euphoric Post-rock

  • This album is basically instrumental, but has moments of welcome vocals scattered throughout

  • Wodorost can be so cathartic at times than slowly build up with heavy mammoth fuzz

  • For a new band, Wodorost display amazing chemistry, as the music flows beautifully through your veins

  • We love the Zeppelin-esque acoustics of "St. Vitus Dance," as it gives a us a break from the heaviness as the album comes to a close



1. Aphelium 5:01

2. Eternal Atlantis 6:12

3. Barren Lands 6:29

4. N.N.U. 4:55

5. Fifth Wind 4:08

6. Summer Riot 4:23

7. Malachite 7:35

8. St. Vitus Dance 3:54


Standout Tracks:

Barren Lands

This track has such a steady flow with tremendous grounding bass.


The pace picks up a bit on this tune as we are treated to some crunchy riffs.

Summer Riot

This track has a bit of a different feel from the rest. It has a wonderful choppy flow with nice start stop action. Think Colour Haze meets Brant Bjork, then throw in some Weedpecker near the end.


Brew Pairing

We need a smooth IPA to go along with Wodorost. Pick up Phone's Ringing Dude by Elipsis Brewing based in Florida. This 8.1% Double IPA is smooth a flavorful with notes of Citva, Amarillo and Citra.

Wodorost are:

Anna Żukowska - Drums

Bartłomiej Głowiński - Guitar

Jan Witusiński - Bass

Follow Wodorost: Facebook / Bandcamp



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