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Museum Of Light (Horizon)

Crank this to 9.4 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2022

Genre: Hard rock, Post-rock, Doom

Sounds Like: Arenna, Failure, Chevelle

Homeland: Seattle, Washington

Museum of Light Horizon

Album Overview

  • Debut album blends ambient landscapes with heavy post rock/doom

  • Sprawling expansive sound that lift your spirits

  • The trio possess a unique chemistry that unveils an impressive 9 track journey with majestic visions

  • Drudging deep fretwork acutely melded with tight bass-work provide post-rock elements

  • Wildly impressed by the vision and overall feeling this album delivers

  • Rob Smith (former Traindodge member) provides some incredible and unique percussive angles

  • Not a bad track throughout. Drug School’s melodic fretwork and unique harmonies make for a wild ride with wonderful contrast and calming breakdowns

  • Cover art by Eric Fisher (“A Hope”)


Track Listing:

1. Organelle (3:48)

2. Waves (3:10)

3. Cal (5:48)

4. Soft Openings (3:25)

5. Drug School (5:14)

6. How Everybody Dies (5:05)

7. Dethenger (4:43)

8. Bad Electricity (4:53)

9. Sirens (6:39)


Standout Track(s)

Drug School

This track contains uplifting vocal harmonies on top of progressive Post-doom arrangements. A brilliant tune with great percussion the cranked.


Brew Pairing

Holy Mountain Brewing located on Elliot Ave in Seattle has a tremendous selection of beers. We highly recommend ’Spirit Crusher’ to accompany the majestic sound of Museum of Light. The 8.5% double IPA is brewed with two row, pilsner , malted oats, flaked barley and a touch of sugar, citra, mosaic, simcoe added to the kettle. Dry-hopped and has a big fluffy body with intense tropical and stone fruit aromas and flavors.

Museum of Light are:

Ted Alvarez - Guitar, vocals

Rob Smith - Drums

Travis Dueness - Bass, etc.

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