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Bokonon (Prism Cinema)

Crank this to 9.1 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2016

Genre: Shoegaze, Psychedelic Rock

Sounds Like: Swervedriver, The Stone Roses, Stereophonics


Aaaaahhh, we have been searching high and low for a well-produced album that features swirling guitars and a talented frontman. Bokonon based out of LA, offer up a unique blend of shoegaze and psychedelia that will calm your soul. The album is consistent and does not waiver from its delivery of expansive sound with a cathartic result. Unlike much shoegaze out there today Bokonon nail the balance of melding deep rich bass with higher tone swirling guitar-work. Elvis Galvez’s vocals are charismatic and will grow on you with each listen. Ray Montes’ bass prowess is second to none and absolutely takes Prism Cinema deep in Editor’s pick land for us.

Track Listing:

1. Stay Awake With Me (3:08)

2. By My Side (3:29)

3, Thru the Trees (5:46)

4. Harmonia (4:43)

5. Interstellar (7:15)

6. Vanilla Kiss (4:41)

7. Somewhere Sacred (5:57)

8. Behemoth (6:04)

9. Orbits (5:31)

10. Untamed (6:06)

11. 2070 (4:21)

The opener will absolutely suck you in. "Stay Awake with Me" features the perfect blend of catchy melodies, but enough distance and echo to let this one breathe and never tire. The track rolls into "By My Side" which is dominated by a tremendous bass line that will further the intrigue. "Thru the Trees" really displays how solid the production on this album is. Each instrument separate and distinct while blissfully crisp as fuck on your headphones. "Harmonia" reminds us off of Radiohead’s‘Hail to the Thief, distant, yet after each listen becomes clearer and more vivid to the listener. "Interstellar" aptly named will set you adrift with its weightless melodic synths as the longest track on the album further lowers your blood pressure.

"Vanilla Kiss" contains the heaviest fretwork on the album and well positioned within the eleven tracks. While things run a little flat with "Somewhere Sacred," "Behemoth" shines as the most psychedelic track on the album, providing for some violently trippy moments. "Orbits" is perhaps the most melancholy and dark track on the album. So spacious providing terrific change-ups and contrast. The closer "2070" features female vocals with some surprisingly upbeat tempos. Almost feels like a bonus track where "Untamed" may have been a more suitable closer. Nonetheless the track is vibrant and entertaining.


Monique Luna – Synths

Elvis Galvez – Guitars & Vocals

Tianna Nicole – Drums

Ray Montes – Bass & Vocals.

Final Thoughts

Up until this album we were on quite a long losing streak when it came to quality new shoegaze acts. Thankfully this streak has been broken and we have infused a very invigorating spacial album in Prism Cinema to our rotation. As an added bonus, Prism Cinema features some mesmerizing artwork by the talented Ghost Ghost Teeth whom we are actively seeking for our 'Homage to the Artist' page. Bokonon are the real deal and their debut album is an extremely mature piece of work that is worthy of being placed right in the heart of your heavy rotation.

Standout Tracks: Stay Awake with Me, Thru the Trees, Behemoth

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