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Familiars (All in Good Time)

Crank this to 9.4 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Year Released: 2020

Genre: Rock, Heavy Psychedelic

Sounds Like: Bask, King Buffalo


Ontario heavy psych natives Familiars have finally released the full length we’ve been waiting for. On the heels of three impressive EP’s, Familiars do not disappoint what so ever on All In Good Time. The trio continue on their path of stoner-gazed psychedelics, yet with more exploration and very creative songwriting; bringing fourth a comforting heaviness.

All In Good Time possess a wonderful drifting flow as each track fits perfectly among one another, making it real easy to get lost in thought for a moment or two. The album has a bit of a lonesome feel that fits naturally on a beautiful hike or a long road trip. The vocals have the perfect level of distant haziness, as if they were floating above the music. The music has a very dense and lofty feel throughout, check out the track “Barn Burning” with its rich bass that may rattle your speakers a bit. Familiars have upped their game and are beginning to hone in on a sound that is totally original.


1. Homestead 06:43

2. Rocky Roost 03:29

3. The Common Loon 04:38

4. Barn Burning 06:53

5. The Incident 04:44

6. The Dirty Dog Saloon 06:09

7. Avro Arrow 05:30 

8. Bonanza 05:26

Standout Track(s)

”The Common Loon” may be the standout track. The percussion and the rhythm of the chorus is so fucking infectious. We have no doubt this track will lure in fans who celebrate the heavy rock. “Avro Arrow” comes in a close second with it’s intense jams and heavy psychedlia.



Vocal Performance

9.3 out of 11

Risk of Subwoofer Damage

8.9 out of 11

Captivation and Variety

9.5 out of 11

Weight of the Heavy

9 out of 11


Lyrics and Song Structure

9.5 out of 11

Overall Album Flow

9.4 out of 11

Album Cover Aesthetics

8.3 out of 11

Production Value

9.2 out of 11


Final Thoughts

All In Good Time is a hidden gem and we can only hope this will gain steam among the heavy rock community. Do yourself a favor and just pick up their entire catalogue, you’ll thank us later.


Kevin Vansteenkiste: Electric & Acoustic Guitars, Banjo, Wurlitzer, & Vocals

Jared MacIntyre: Electric Bass Guitar, Wurlitzer & Vocals

Anton Babych: Drums, Percussion

Simon Larochette: Pedal Steel, Additional Percussion

Follow Familiars: Bandcamp / Facebook


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