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The Steams (Mild Conquest)

Released: 2022

Genre: Hard rock, Psychedelic rock

Sounds Like: Villagers of Ioannina City, The Stone Roses

Homeland: Athens, Greece

The Steams Mild Conquest

Album Overview

  • The Greece based psychedelic foursome unveil their second release in Mild Conquest

  • The follow-up to their amazing debut, Wild Ferment, is a difficult act to follow

  • These 9 tracks absolutely deliver on a variety of fronts pulling in elements that made the debut so great

  • Mild Conquest hits more exploratory sounds and changes in tempo and branches giving Gustav's visionary drum work even more room to breathe

  • Panos is a vocal phenom delivering heartwarming angles that will drive your mood. It's a clean and distinct vocal tone with a militant serious edge to it

  • Very impactful storytelling through thoughtful lyrics and wild charismatic echoes The Steams paint very layered and etherial landscapes. Lofty melodies with powerful chords that will penetrate deeper into your memory banks each listen

  • The soft moments are very impactful, just listen to "Algerian Eyes." Between his vocals, peaceful guitars and minimal drums, the track typifies what makes the Steams so absorbing


Track Listing:

1. Entrance 4:15

2. Lament (prologued by George Mazonakis) 4:18

3. Ladies in the North 4:55

4. The Union 4:09

5. Algerian Eyes 4:17

6. The Horror 5:53

7. Binding Circles 3:26

8. Little Empire 3:41

9. The Crown 7:20


Standout Tracks


You have to give it up to the opening track. This tune is just is so addicting; you are immersed immediately into the staccato tight and distant vocals. Swirling fretwork throughout make for a wild aptly named opener.

The Horror

This track feels like a ritualistic battle cry. Wild texture and meandering. Bursting with flavor and wonderful contrast.


Brew Pairing

Spotted Puffer IPA from Pipeworks Brewing in Illinois. This 9.5% New England IPA is brewed with tart and tropical passion fruit puree, balanced with wild flower honey, and packed with aroma from late addition Citra hops. It's a tasty and smooth beer. A great pairing with Mild Conquest.

The Steams are:

Panos Dimitropoulos - Vocals, Guitars

Andreas Kokovikas - Guitars

Alex Bolpasis - Bass, Percussion

Gustav Penka - Drums

Additional Musicians:

Vasilis Tafas - Cencer (Algerian Eyes)

Giorgos Stogiorgis - Qanun (Entrance)

Nikos Tsantanis - Lute (Entrance, The Union, The Horror!), Tsampouna

(Entrance, Lament, The Union)

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