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Wailin Storms (The Silver Snake Unfolds)

Released: 2022

Genre: Psychedelic, Swamp rock, Shoegaze

Sounds Like: Cactus Black, Deadboy & the Elephantmen, Ancient Sky

Homeland: North Carolina

Wailin Storms

Album Overview

  • Veteran southern psychedelic foursome welcome in their sixth release

  • Murky and solemn atmospheric landscapes that intensify with each listen

  • Impactful storytelling through a thick bluesy lens

  • The North Carolina foursome further intensify their dimly lit visions in addictive fashion

  • "Carolina Moon" shows the bands dramatic range and blending of beauty and dark

  • "Concrete Covers Dead Lovers" is chockfull of darkly layered brilliance

  • Justin Storms overcast vocals are absolutely infectious

  • 40 minutes that intensifies with each listen. Each track progressively dives deeper into murky waters

  • If The Silver Snake Unfolds is your first foray into the Wailin Storms you must visit their library. Rattle is not far behind their latest triumph.


Track Listing:

1. In the Heart of the Sea (6:28)

2. Broken Into Three (4:22)

3. Sunday Morning Ceremony (4:50)

4. Drag (5:31)

5. Who Took Our Drugs (3:24)

6. The Silver Snake Unfolds and Swallows the Black Night Whole (3:35)

7. Concrete Covers Dead Lovers (6:40) Standout Track

8. Carolina Moon (7:24) Standout Track


Brew Pairing

North Carolina’s own, Heist Brewery delivers ‘Blurred Is the Word’ at 6.8% ABV. This beer blends well with any Wailin Storms release whereby dank and dry tones are brilliantly layered an American IPA brewed and dry-hopped with Mosaic and Azacca. A berry-like tropical dankness.

Wailin Storms are:

Guitar, vocals: Justin Storms

Drums: Mark Oates

Bass: Steve Stanczyk

Lead Guitar: Todd Warner

Follow Wailin Storms: Bandcamp / Facebook

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