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Psychonaut / Sȃver (Emerald Split EP)

Released: 2021

Genre: Doom, Post-metal

Sounds Like: Opeth, Arctic Sleep, Saturn’s Husk

Homeland: Psychonaut- Belgium / Saver- Norway

King Woman

Album Overview

  • A pairing that fits like an absolute glove

  • Psychonaut’s psychedelic landscapes and progressive build-ups shine beautifully with the visionary doom terrain in Saver

  • Both trios exude a clean precision in their work. Top shelf production

  • Would love to see more split’s with this much complimentary vision

  • Name Your Price on BandCamp. Explore the heavy and throw some hard earned cash their way


Track Overview:

1. The Great Realisation (16:30) - Psychonaut

This is a flat out beautiful track from Psychonaut. The trio from Belgium paint a rich landscape with some early poignant melodies. Tremendous progression on this track with a slow build hitting its stride at about the 5 minute mark. Cavernous bottom ensues thereafter where the psych aficionados bring things down to a near halt only to morph into progressive atmospheric introspective. Somewhat predictable closure with the powerful exit, but all in all a cathartic psychedelic progressive gem.

2. Dimensions Lost, Obscured by Aeons (19:05) - Sȃver

Soothing minimalist synth opening that progresses into a cacophony of wonderful brooding weight. The trio from Norway have a knack for layering consistent rhythms and undercurrent to build up to moments of energetic anguish. Contrast abound as this track spirals through dark tunnels and rays of very bright light.


Brew Pairing

This Split EP screams for a nice classic Dark N Stormy. 2 oz Dark Rum, 3 1/3 oz Ginger Beer, Couple dashes of bitters. To compliment these two visionary bands we are going to recommend some top shelf El Dorado Port Mourant Single Still Rum to accompany Barritt's Original Ginger Beer.

Psychonaut are:

Stefan De Graef - Guitar/Vocals

Thomas Michiels - Bass/Vocals

Harm Peters - Drums

Sȃver are:

Markus Stole - Drums

Ole Rokseth - Vocals/Guitar

Ole Christian Helstad - Bass

Follow Psychonaut: Facebook / Bandcamp

Follow Sȃver: Facebook / Bandcamp


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