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Hekate (Sermons To The Black Owl)

Crank this to 9.4 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Hard rock, Metal

Sounds Like: Witchskull, Badlands

Homeland: Australia


Album Overview

  • Marcus De Pasquale could be one of the best vocal talents to bless our continent since Bruce Dickinson

  • Less vocal intensity as compared to Witchskull, but intriguing tones and more patience purveying the landscapes from the veteran

  • Impressive fretwork from Ashley and Marcus, less Witchskull metal more grassroots hard rock with rich melodies

  • Apologies for the multiple Witchskull references but they are fucking legendary and a required comparison

  • Sermons To the Black Owl is an impressive debut loaded with dramatic contrast and thickly settled song structure


Track by Track Breakdown

1. Isobel’s Chambers (3:26)

Brilliant closure to this track, start-stop momentum, last minute is stellar.

2. Winter Void (4:50)

Downtrodden start quickly builds to hazy heights and comes full circle nicely.

Child of Black Magick (3:40)

riving guitar hook, drills into the listener’s psyche. Plodding forward movement.

3. Burning Mask (4:16) Standout Track

Frailty and despair are pummeled by the wild guitar rhythms and dueling solos. Classic vibe.

4. Obscene Goddess (3:53)

Feels like the guitar section came straight out of a classic Badlands track….Jake E. Lee influences no doubt.

5. Carpathian Eagle (4:25)

Hear the wings flapping, soaring licks, majestic views.

6. Cassowary Dreaming (3:10)

Melodic dueling guitars take over this track midway, the core focal point.

7. Acoustic Outro (:48)

We Outro diddy.


Brew Pairing

As the Lord Hobo empire continues its expansion, the perfect pairing to accompany Hekate’s debut is the 6.5% ABV galaxy hops smoothness of Glorious, a wonderfully silky peach-grape aroma, with hints of tropical fruit flavors that pours too a sensational hazy straw color..

Hekate are:

Marcus De Pasquale - Vox, Guitar, Keys

Ashley Byron - Guitar

Mal Lloyd - Bass

Nathan Millett - Drums

Follow Hekate: Bandcamp / Facebook


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