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Nebula Drag (Western Death)

Released: 2023

Genre: Stoner metal, Space rock

Sounds Like: Sgt. Sunshine, Fu Manchu, Transition

Homeland: San Diego, California

Nebula Drag-Western Death

What makes Western Death elite and sit atop OHMs Peak?

  • Western Death by the San Diego California trio Nebula Drag is the band's fourth release after taking a four-year hiatus. The time off was apparently very well spent as the new release hits a stratosphere we rarely encounter. This is what makes all those hours of combing through new releases well worth the time. Western Death hits all marks on the heavy radar delivering an infectious chemistry rarely captured these days.

  • The album is just 32 minutes in length but loaded with thick fuzz and melodic texture. Western Death reminds us of some of the great old school punk psychedelic stoner bands like Transition and Sgt. Sunshine, where you can listen over and over and still hear brilliant nuances and subtleties.

  • ‘Side By Side’ may be one of the most anthemic and intelligently written tracks we have heard this decade. The angst coupled with all-consuming rhythms is second to none. 'Failure' absolutely floors us with its spaced-out orbital jams. So brilliantly calming and infectious an 8 minute journey floating oxygen-filled energy.

  • The vocal prowess of Corey Quintana is distinct and warm. It's the type of voice that will have you following every release hereafter. His easy nonchalant voice

  • Nebula Drag have come back with a clear vision and vibrant formula that sets itself apart from the masses. The trio have captured something very special here makingWestern Death our favorite release of 2023.


Track Listing:

1. Crosses 4:49

2. Sleazy Tapestry 3:45

3. Failure 8:46

4. Kneecap 3:48

5. Side By Side 3:37

6. Tell No One 4:59

7. Western Death 4:18


Nebula Drag are:

Corey Quintana -Guitar/Vocals

Stephen Varns -Drums

Garrett Gallagher-Bass

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