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King Buffalo (The Burden of Restlessness)

Crank this to 10.5 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Dead Meadow, Arenna, Greenleaf

Homeland: Rochester, NY

King Buffalo

Album Overview

  • The Burden of Restlessness will be the first of 3 albums to be released in 2021

  • We are seeing a progression into progressive metal territories and it feels so natural

  • King Buffalo are the masters of the slow heavy build up. The way they begin each song on a soft note and gradually bring in the heaviness is brilliant

  • The craftsmanship of the music and songwriting at hand gives this album an apocalyptic feel. The lyrics and music have this lonesome dystopian theme


Track by Track Analysis:

1. Burning (6:33)

King Buffalo open the album with some trippy technical riffs and swirling bass work. This leads to the the soft vocals of guitarist Sean McVay. As the song progresses, it just becomes all consuming and slighter heavier. It's a magical opening and we know we're in for something special.

2. Hebetation (4:30)

A progressive stoner rock tune with slight synths nestled into the background. It's a nice progression from their last EP Dead Star.

3. Locusts (6:27)

The album continues to impress with "Locusts". This tune is intimate and heavy as they continue on a progressive stoner path.

4. Silverfish (3:42)

Offbeat and a bit unusual. This shows King Buffalo's willingness to explore. The mix of psychedelic synths and heavy industrial fuzz is very orginal.

5. Grifter (5:17) Standout Track

This is a fucking sonic masterpiece. The spacious beginning with lofty vocals is very cathartic. We are than thrusted into some ISIS-like jamming, what a stellar turn of events this song goes through. It's difficult to say it's the standout track, but man we just gravitate to this one.

6. The Knocks (6:18)

The smooth bass undercurrent with futuristic synths and the heavy progressive fuzz creates a massive wall of psychedelic bliss.

7. Loam (7:41)

A jamming closer that has it all. It's psychedelic progressive stoner rock at it's finest. Crank it up, words don't do it justice. On a side note, we have our tickets and are fired up to see these guys on tour this fall in Boston.


Brew Pairing

Nothing pairs better with The Burden of Restlessness like Glacier Juice by Long Lot Brewing in Chester, NY. This 7.5% IPA has balanced bitterness with notes of citrus and pine. Although not widely distributed, you may have to make a pit stop here if you're near Orange County, NY.

King Buffalo are:

Sean McVay - vocalist/guitarist

Dan Reynolds - bassist

Scott Donaldson - drummer

Follow King Buffalo: Facebook / Bandcamp

The Space Huns


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