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Weedpecker (II)

Crank this to 9 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2015

Genre: Stoner Rock

Sounds Like: Colour Haze, Elder, Sungrazer


Weedpecker caught our attention in 2013 with their astounding debut album and we described the band as having a crisp and vibrant euphoric stoner rock sound. On their second album II which displays gorgeous album art they continue to enlighten us with more rich and vibrant stoner rock. The band from Warsaw, Poland has toned down their sound a bit, removing some really thick and heavy chunks in favor of more melodic and spacious rhythms.

Believe it or not the slight change in formula creates an uplifting, loner album that will put your mind at ease for the full 46:59 minutes. We must admit, this album took a bit longer to grow on us than their debut as we have been steadily listening to this one for some time now. However, sometimes these types of albums just grow on you over time and stick with you with every listen. That’s been the case around here with II, so just sit back and let your mind drift with this one.

Track Listing:

1. Reality Fades

2. Flowering Dimensions

3. Fat Karma

4. Nothingness

5. Into The Woods

6. The Vibe

7. Already Gone

With the replacement of a new bassist on this album Weedpecker did not miss a beat, in fact new member Mroku fits in flawlessly and this is evident on the first song “Reality Fades”. This track showcases the inspiring dual vocals of the Dobry brothers and together they bring an easygoing vibe to the music. This track is very fluent as it combines pure spacious melodies with heavy rhythms. The second song “Flowering Dimensions” follows the same path, the cymbal use in the beginning is subtle, yet adds a colorful element to the song. This track builds beautifully and comes to full bloom at the 2:12 mark with a heavy, thick rhythm. “Fat Karma” shows a heavier side with its dense, mid-tempo style, it’s very much like their 1st album.

The track “Nothingness” is so relaxing and it is refreshing hearing them stick to their softer side. “Into The Woods” is a terrific jam and at 8:02 minutes long, this instrumental has it all, it’s heavy and melodic, great contrasts can be found here. The second to last song “The Vibe,” with its trippy vocals, a brooding bass, and great use of the wha-wha pedal is a stoner’s rock enthusiasts’ delight. The final track “Already Gone” is very reflective. The interaction between the guitars and vocals are just terrific here as it is a beautifully written song to close out our experience. We applaud Weedpecker for toning things down a bit and having patience on II, leaving room for further growth and exploration for future albums.

Standout Tracks:

Into The Woods, Flowering Dimensions, Reality Fades

Band Members:

Wyro-guitar & vocal

Bartek-guitar & vocal



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