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King Buffalo (Orion)

Crank this to 9.7 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2016

Genre: Stoner rock

Sounds Like: All Them Witches, Dead Meadow

King Buffalo

We are fired up to catch these guys at The All-Dayer at Saint Vitus in Brooklyn on August 20th. King Buffalo have clearly stepped up their game with their latest release entitled Orion. They have now entered Rotation11 Editor’s Pick territory through their ability to tighten up the songwriting and deliver 45 minutes of calming textures and original landscapes. The band displays patience in their ability to let the songs breathe into a dark and entertaining journey.

Track Listing:

1. Orion (6:34)

2. Monolith (3:45)

3. Sleeps On a Vine (7:31)

4. Kerosene (6:03)

5. Down From Sky (3:23)

6. Goliath Pt 1 (2:32)

7. Goliath Pt 2 (2:19)

8. Orion Subsiding (5:33)

9. Drinking From the River Rising (9:58)

Who are these wonderful people and where the hell are they from?

Sean McVay - Guitar & Lead Vocals

Dan Reynolds - Bass & Lights

Scott Donaldson - Drums & Vocals

Hailing from Rochester, NY!

What are the top two tracks we recommend downloading if you had a few bucks to spare?

Wow that is a tough question given the consistency of this album. "Kerosene" contains a wonderfully addictive bass-line along with sporadic high pitched Tool-like fretwork that is very endearing. We love how the melodies come full circle in the closing minute of the track. We love the clarity and Monster Magnet feel within the closer "Drinking From the River Rising" as lead singer Sean McVay really lets his vocals loose. Just a tinge of echo that goes a long way to making this a tremendous track. Scott Donaldson delivers a boatload of vivid rhythms taking this one to a peak. This track is a must.

How is the vocal performance?

McVay shows major improvement on this album. While there is redundant tonality throughout, it helps build this overall gloomy and mystical aura.

Does the album art reflect the music?

The album cover is pretty solid. The two shaded rectangles do throw us off a bit. We would have preferred no shading and the full landscape without interruption.

What was the most unique moment on Orion?

"Down From the Sky" is a dark acoustical departure from the consistent fuzz that flows. The track works very well as McVay channels some Dave Wyndorf very well.

What other albums do we recommend you give a gander to if we enjoy this album?

Monster Magnet’s Superjudge and All Them Witches Dying Surfer Meets His Maker.

What adult beverage do we recommend while listening to Orion?

Genesee Cream Ale brewed in Rochester. Such smooth and consistent tones doing justice out of a can.

What are our final thoughts for Orion?

King Buffalo have clearly impressed us with their ability to build off their 2013 release Demo. Orion is a journey that will keep you engrossed in their fuzz toned world. These guys have clearly identified their strengths and keep it consistent and entertaining throughout. Pick this one up an keep it in your heavy rotation..

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