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King Buffalo (Regenerator)

Released: 2022

Genre: Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Psychlona, Greenleaf,  All Them Witches

Homeland: Rochester, NY

King Buffalo

Album Overview

The psych trio from Rochester, NY have delivered the goods once again. Regenerator is another wonderful chapter in the King Buffalo story. This masterpiece of stoner rock bliss has taken them to new heights. These 7 tracks hit with sonic fuzz heaviness while having a calming effect on the listener, It's an all consuming album. The vision these guys have and the volume of music over the last couple of years is mind-blowing. Perhaps the busiest band in rock besides King Gizzard.


The Music

Heavy psych vibes lead the way on Regenerator. The combination of classic and progressive stoner riffs is second to none. The drumming and bass work are exceptional and distinct, making for a very layered sounding album.


The Vocals

Guitarist Sean McVay has a clean, laid back tone and stands out beautifully within the music.


Standout Track(s)


The bass and lyrics are just so consuming. It's a trippy affair that only King Buffalo can produce.


Track Listing:

1. Regenerator 9:37

2. Mercury 4:30

3. Hours 4:57

4. Interlude 2:57

5. Mammoth 6:12

6. Avalon 6:19

7. Firmament 9:15


Brew Pairing

The classic Sam Smith Oatmeal Stout. This 5% stout has very dark brown body with aromas of dark chocolate, some roasted malts and hint of wheat. With flavors of roasted malts and slight caramel. A great pairing with Regenerator.


King Buffalo are:

Sean McVay - vocalist/guitarist

Dan Reynolds - bassist

Scott Donaldson - drummer

Follow King Buffalo: Bandcamp / Facebook


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