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Psychlona (Palo Verde)

Released: 2022

Genre: Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Truckfighters, Greenleaf, Fu Manchu

Homeland: Bradford, UK

Psychlona Palo Verde

Album Overview

Over the past few years, Psychlona have become a staple in the stoner rock genre. From the gritty debut of Mojo Rising to the sonic masterpiece of Venus Skytrip, the foursome have delivered another stellar piece of spaced-out fuzz with Palo Verde. This album contains eight glorious tracks of mesmerizing and colorful stoner rock.


The progression of Palo Verde feels natural as it follows in the footsteps go Venus Skytrip. The music is so fucking crisp and layered very well, with tremendous production, yet not over produced. It's a patient album that is heavy, yet trippy at the same time. The opening track, "Gasoline" gets right into it after a short buildup of distortion. The song soars with tons of heavy groove, we think there is a piano nestled into the heaviness at times and it's brilliant. This leads right into the addictive stoned riffs of the single "1975". Holy hell this song just hits all the right notes, it's impossible to not replay this one a few times back-to-back before getting to the next song. The album possesses very strong percussion and grounding hypnotic bass. The guitars are spacey with Truckfighters clarity and hit with Fu Machu distortion; all together forming a vibrant stoner work of art.


The vocals are lofty, a bit muffled and float effortlessly among the music. It's a clean style that sets them apart in this genre.


The artwork fits this album perfectly. The psychedelic tree painting will lure you in, than it's game over... you'll become an all out Psychlona fan.


Track Listing:

1. Gasoline 4:41

2. 1975 6:03

3. Rainbird 6:25

4. Meet Your Devil 5:29

5. Purple River 6:38

6. Jetplane 4:49

7. La Tolvanera 5:29

8. Warped 7:05


Standout Track(s)

This is an almost impossible task, but we love "1975" for the driving stoner vibe and "Purple River" for its spacey and chilled feel.


Brew Pairing

Grab some Juicy Bits IPA from WeldWerks Brewing in Colorado. This 6.7% hazy IPA is not too sweet, in fact it has a slight classic bitterness that pair well with Palo Verde.

Psychlona are:

Martyn - Bass

Scott - Drums

Phil - Guitars, Vocals

Dave - Guitars, Vocals

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14 de nov. de 2023
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Good stuff and the review is right on ... vocals are secondary but maybe only because they are a bit muffled

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