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CB3 (Exploration)

Released: 2022

Genre: Psychedelic rock, Space rock

Sounds Like: Slift, Farflung, Earthless

Homeland: Sweden

CB3 Exploration

Album Overview

The latest release by the Sweden-based trio is a sonic psychedelic masterpiece. Five glorious tunes of space jamming with complimentary soft vocals by guitarist/composer Charlotta Andersson.


Exploration is a melting pot of psychedelic rock and space rock with elements of stoner. The jamming is so invigorating and clear. The guitars soar with a soothing heaviness while the bass is grounding and the drums emanate a powerful backdrop. Together making for one on this years most stunning releases.


The vocals of Charlotta Andersson have this trippy Mazzy Star feel. Her tone blends in beautifully within the music.


The euphoric color explosion designed by Robin Gnista grabs a hold of you, waiting to be discovered. A great cover to this psychedelic masterpiece.


Track Listing:

1. Daydreams 11:07

2. To Space and Away 8:05

3. Going to the Horizon 5:26

4. In a Rainbow with Friends 10:41

5. Through Space and Time 10:33


Standout Track(s)

To Space and Away

Lets be clear there are no bad tracks on this album. We seem to gravitate towards this tune for some reason. The jamming is stellar with euphoric guitar work and rhythmic percussion. The infectous vocals are icing on the cake as they are take the song to another level.


Brew Pairing

We are going with Cosmic Disorder by Sand City Brewing based out of Long Island, NY. This 8.5% IPA hits with crisp and fruity flavors, but not sweet. A classic pairing to go along while kicking back and listening to Exploration.

CB3 are:

Charlotta Andersson, Electric guitar, vocals, composition

Pelle Lindsjö, Electric Bass

Natanael Solmonsson, Drums

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