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JAAW (Supercluster)

Released: 2023

Genre: Industrial, Post-metal

Sounds Like: Godflesh, Ministry, Killing Joke

Homeland: London, UK

Jaaw Supercluster

What makes Supercluster elite and sit atop OHMs Peak?

  • JAAW is an industrial supergroup that combines the talents of Andy Cairns (Therapy?), Jason Stoll (Mugstar, KLÄMP, Sex Swing), Wayne Adams (Death Pedals, Big Lad, Petbrick) and Adam Betts (Three Trapped Tigers, Goldie, Squarepusher)

  • Superclusters' roots are drowned in 90s industrial influences as it hits you in the gut with a heavy distorted and crunching heavy tone

  • The opening track 'Thoughts and Prayer (Mean Nothing)' kicks things off with a high tense, crusty industrial vibe that will surely lure you in

  • The percussion has a classic mix of what sounds like live drumming and programmed electronica, which suits the album well. Plus, we are treated to early Therapy? trash can drumming from time to time

  • The dual vocals of Andy Cairns and Wayne Adams contain an often distant and muffled tone that compliments the music and takes the album to another level

  • The cover of Bjork's Army Of Me is well done. The song is not a rip-off, these guys put their own dark and intense spin on this tune

  • Supercluster has consumed our rotation lately with its psychedlic industrial aura. This is definitely one of the top industrial releases this year


Track Listing:

1. Thoughts and Prayers (Mean Nothing) 03:42

2. Reality Crash 05:09

3. Rot 04:04

4. Total Protonic Reversal 05:05

5. Bring Home the Motherlode, Barry 08:42

6. Hellbent on Happiness 02:08

7. The Dead Drop 05:20

8. Army Of Me 04:03


Standout Tracks

'Bring Home the Motherlode,' Barry is a fucking industrial masterpiece. It's trippy and has this industrial doom flow. First thing that comes to mind is Ministry's 'Scarecrow'. This song is steady with a dark and brooding atmospheric tone.

Album Art

The cover by the one and only Drew Millward is astonishing with its psychedelic vibrant colors. If you're not familiar with his work, check it out here.

Brew Pairing for Supercluster

Green Fountains from Vermont pairs well with Supercluster. The 7.2% IPA from Ten Bends Brewing provides a hazy, juicy and full bodied flavor.


JAAW are:

Andy Cairns

Jason Stoll

Wayne Adams

Adam Betts

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