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Tuskar (Matriarch)

Released: 2022

Genre: Sludge

Sounds Like: Yob, Cavity, Mastodon

Homeland: UK

Tuskar Matriarch

Album Overview

Matriarch contains seven heavy as fuck raw sludgy tracks. It's impressive for a duo to deliver such a thick post-sludge sound. We love beginning the album with the 11 minute plus doom track to lure you in. The album does however change course at times with the instrumental "The Trees, The Trees, The Trees." This track has an uplifting Post-rock feel and contrasts very well to the sludge angst. Many bands today within this genre can often sound too similar to one another, yet Tuskar has this originality that grabs a hold of us and is now a mainstay on our rotation.


The Music

Extremely heavy and thick sludge. Think old Mastodon meets Cavity and old Baroness. It's filthy, yet beautifully heavy.


The Vocals

Typical sludge, anger driven vocal. They do however have their own vibe, which helps separate from the onslaught of new and upcoming bands within this genre.


Standout Track(s)

To the Sky or Into the Sea

We can't make up our minds, these two tacks are brilliant sludge tunes. Both of these earth-themed songs have tremendous contrast with enormous peaks and valleys.


Track Listing:

1. Matriarch

2. To the Sky

3. The Trees, The Trees, The Trees

4. Halcyon Gilt

5. Into the Sea

6. Shame

7. Grave


Brew Pairing

We must go with Call Me Chris stout by Bonesaw Brewing in New Jersey. This 13.5% stout is a thick and rich than aged-brewed in Tennessee Whiskey and Rye barrels. A nice pairing with Matriarch.


Tuskar are:

Tom Dimmock (guitar)

Tyler Hodges (vocals, drums)

Follow Tuskar: Bandcamp / Facebook



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