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Codespeaker (ST)

Released: 2022

Genre: Post-metal

Sounds Like: The Ocean, Cult of Luna, ISIS

Homeland: Edinburgh, UK


Album Overview

  • Wildly impressive debut that digs deep into the heart of the genre

  • The five-piece band deliver some of the clearest contrast and most atmospheric sludge to bless our speakers this year

  • Calming heavy brilliance that will rival any classic post-metal album. We would put this up against Oceanic, Fires Within Fires, or Audio Noir any day of the week

  • Armstrong’s vocals are so well-balanced and absolutely infectious aggression. He has powerful range, check-out the dynamic differences within ‘Dagon’ and ‘Vrodi’

  • Thorton and Fraser play with seamless fretwork so complementary, clean, and vibrant

  • Massive swells of melodic beauty are accentuated by the power chords and peaks of intensity

  • For an unsigned independent band the production on this album is outstanding. Spacious lucidity and bright tones


Standout Track(s)


This song contains the most powerful contrast of the nine tracks. The melodic lows and unique bass-work that Craig delivers is one of a kind. This track branches out more than any amongst the lot. Swirling fretwork ensues as Thornton and Fraser stir-up.a whirlwind that builds invites Armstrong to take us home. Soft exit and closure to a tremendous album. The opener "Carthage" absolutely sets the tone and holds back no talent. Craig’s intro bass solo will suck you right in. This track pulls out all the stops as all five members shine through transparent chemistry.


Track Listing:

1. Carthage (5:50)

2. Dagon  (3:27)

3. Frakur (5:48)

4. Chartists (6:09)

5. Pyrhic (4:30)

6. Architeuthis (2:39)

7. Vrodi (4:30)

8. Oriflamme (5:42)

9. Hiraeth (6:30)


Brew Pairing

Massachusetts Vitamin Sea Brewing is emerging as one of the most gifted breweries in the world. Codespeaker’s debut melds brilliantly with their double IPA entitled ‘Double Winter’ at 8.2% ABV this is one hell of a smooth beer loaded with galaxy and topaz hops. You pour this fucker into a nice chilled glass, kick back and let Codespeaker round-out your senses.

Codespeaker are:

JCalum Craig - Bass

Jimmy Grace - Drums

Adam Thornton - Guitars

Bob Fraser - Guitars

Greg Armstrong - Vocals

Follow Codespeaker: Bandcamp / Facebook



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