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Hekate (House of Solomon)

Released: 2024

Genre: Heavy rock, Stoner rock, Metal

Sounds Like: Witchskull, Saint Vitus

Homeland: Australia

Hekate House of Solomon

What makes House of Solomon elite and sit atop OHMs Peak?

  • We will follow Marcus De Pasquale to our graves. His vocal style is brilliantly distinct and entrancing and has pioneered two of our favorite bands in Looking Glass and Witchskull

  • Pasquale continues his winning workaholic ways with Hekate, another Australian gem. The band’s second release House of Solomon is a warhorse of an album loaded with anthemic power-chords but also containing a rich heartfelt underpinning of warmth and texture

  • This release amps up the production from start to finish. ‘Cold’ pulls us in with its despair and slurred angst, but we are floored by the crisp bass-work the song delivers.‘Trip Wire’ takes things to a whole new level with its grinding anthemic riffs, Pasquale is angelic on this track

  • What ensues is unwavering excellence in every track up through the chilling closer in ‘Arctic Tern’ painting a powerful landscape of sonic bewilderment

  • House of Solomon is a mighty impressive piece of work making our quest to get Marcus De Pasquale performing within the United States in any form all the more essential. As Desertfest New York City continues to round out its lineup in the coming months we implore you to please give this album a listen and all that Marcus De Pasquale has done. These folks need a direct flight to share their brilliance with the United States of America.


Track Listing:

1. Intro 0:14

2. Cold 3:46

3. To the River 2:36

4. Trip Wire 3:10

5. Goat of the Sabbath 5:03

6. Cordelia 4:46

7. For All Your Sins 4:14

8. House of Solomon 2:53

9. Arctic Tern 6:07


Dive deeper into House Of Solomon with our Q&A with Guitarist / Vocalist Marcus De Pasquale from Hekate.

OHMs Peak: Would love some additional insight behind the innerworkings behind your name ‘Hekate’. Our understanding is that ‘Hecate’ spelled a bit differently connotates the goddess of witchcraft. Was this intentional as an extension of Witchskull? Where does all the intrigue behind the occult and witchcraft stem?

Marcus: The name is used by a few different artists, we don't care though, it's a name I've had in my mind for a long time. I like it with the K. because the word Heka is Ancient Egytian , God of Magick, primordial God from the Old Dynasty. So I like that little fusion. Hekate is such a cool Goddess. I have a theory that The Statue Of Liberty is actually Hekate, or something very close to her in representation. 

Apparently the guy actually got the design from a necropolis in southern Eygpyt, Nubia. And Hekate is the Goddess of Necropolis'. But this all speculative.

OHMs Peak: House of Solomon is a tremendous follow-up to Sermons to the Black Owl both are beloved by our team here and constantly in heavy rotation. We noticed this release pulls in more vivid production and more biblical references. Take us through the concept and creation.?

Marcus: The concept as always was to deliver a well rounded, full palette various textures and dynamics and approach only what the song requires devoid of any superfluous baggage. It's hard to please everyone. We're massive Sabbath and Vitus fans, but what is required in high art is the bypassing of conscious thoughts, and to get close to the psychic reactor where instincts and reflexes originate. Sabbath is in our DNA so that aesthetic is always going to be prevalent.

Music that grooves and flows, with a high emphasis on vocal melodies and strong choruses. Being aware of when and when not to play, and what volume were playing at in any given moment, allowing it be breath and become buoyant. I kept thinking I want lush purple tinged grooved based sounds, really intense. I thought the guys absolutely did exceptional jobs recording it.

Ash and I live in Canberra and Nathan and Jay live in Sydney,  so we have to travel a lot, which shows a good commitment,  we all live to play music. We used to bring full demo songs in. But lately we've just let the song slowly grow through jamming and trying to be minimal and fully focus on the groove aspect.

The overall vocals with melodies come  pretty quickly, for me I need a good melody first and then try and smooth it out and bring a strong dream like narrative. We don't rush the process. We just let the song slowly appear. I had the title for a while in my mind.

OHMs Peak: ‘Trip Wire’ is one of our favorite tracks. Tremendous grinding riffs and 70s Sabbath reflection. What is the meaning behind this track? Such despair, we were wondering the connectivity with “when the trip wire’s calling its color blue” in particular.

Marcus: Man thank you all so much!. Trip Wire is a lot different from anything we've done before. The dynamic from the tension,  release, is a strong fundamental of it. The vocalist needs to be vulnerable and real. And i like that aspect of it.

I kept thinking, it's about people saying goodbye to each other. Or it's like the Trip wire is connected to an explosion and it's one of those landmine situations. I like things vague and have the option of being interpretated in different ways, which are personal to each listener.

OHMs Peak: Any plans to tour the United States? How far out has Hekate branched? We would love to get you in some venues within the Boston/New England area.

Marcus: Yes would love to come over sometime!! That would be a dream come true. Hopefully in the future we can map something out.

OHMs Peak: Loving the artwork on both of your albums. Who created? Would love to hear more about the selection and temptress profile?

Marcus: It's our good friend Lisa Engeman. She's done both album lay outs. She is extremely gifted with her Art and approach to Life. Amazingly beautiful and inventive person. and she is a real practising Witch. Who is deeply involved in the work.

OHMs Peak: Hekate is stranded on a desert island with only a solar powered turntable and majestic solar powered speakers. The band collectively can only choose one album… what album would it be?

Marcus: It's not a hard choice.. it's Paranoid!.


Hekate are:

Marcus De Pasquale: Vox, Guitar, Keys

Ashley Byron: Guitar

Mal Lloyd: Bass

Nathan Millett: Drums

Follow Hekate: Bandcamp / Facebook


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