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Dirt Church (ST)

Crank this to 8.7 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Blackend Hardcore, Doom

Sounds Like: Kvelertak, Oathbreaker, Hexis

Homeland: Albany, NY

Barbarian Hermit
Dirt Church

Track Overview:

1. Cicada (4:57)

Powerful opener that teases us with the divergent background vocals.

2. Psalm 4 (4:33)

Nudo kicks ass on this track, bludgeoning beauty.

3. Husk (3:49)

Circular grinding stoner feel to this one, 1 minute mark hits you like a ton of bricks, terrific song structure.

4. Days From Land (5:36)

Longest track, not a big fan of the spoken word filler here.

5. Sirens (4:58)

Bring the calm and melodic, great build on this one, dripping sludge, subtle brilliance by Nudo at the 4 min mark

6. Less Dead (2:55)

Middle of the road track, steady as she goes.

7. Zephyr Kink (3:18) Standout Track

Bennet intro brilliance, vocal contrast at its best here, whirlwind of sonic bliss and a classic 90s melody hooks.

8. Teeth (4:06)

Imbo leads the spiraling fretwork, great stuff.

9. Hours (4:57)

Dark funeral dirge closer, love the distant vocals and echo.


Album Nuggets

  • Absolutely love the vocal contrast on this album. Harrington and Hunt paint an impressive landscape with their differing styles

  • Multiple layers that will not tire. This genre tends to hit the monotony realm but not here. Great variety

  • High-end percussion onslaught accentuates the above average production

  • Great chemistry and their tinkering since 2018 has made for a very solid full length debut


Brew Pairing

We recommend anything from Fidens Brewing in Albany. An exceptional blend to accompany Dirt Church would be their Eugene’s Axe at 8.2% ABV. This is a lovely double utilizing citra and galaxy hops.

Dirt Church are:

Billy Harrington: Vocals

Justin Hunt: Guitar and Vocals

Imbo: Guitar

Steve Bennett: Bass

Rob Nudo: Drums

Follow Dirt Church: Bandcamp / Facebook


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