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Chaver (A Cellar Door)

Crank this to 8.7 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Hardcore, Metalcore

Sounds Like: Code Orange, Sick of It All, Defeater

Homeland: Leipzig, Germany


Track Overview:

1. Kingdom of Lies (2:58)

Shortest track but features all their strengths, full bodied track pulls you in.

2. Epithaph (3:20)-

Kudos to Willi....what a bludgeoning of percussion on this one, a stampede.

3. Cleanse Me (3:51) Standout Track

One of the best metalcore tracks we have heard in a long time. Supreme grinding, brilliant vocal despair.

4. Born In a Cage (3:19)

Surprising twists on this, bring it down and deliver some of the loudest bizarre cymbals.

5. Drone (3:25)

Not as drone ridden as the other tracks.

6. A Cellar Door (5:26)

Wild bizarre closing track. Love the originality on this one. Techno screamcore.


Album Nuggets

  • Its a beautiful thing when all three members are at the top of their craft

  • The clarity between these three is absolutely impressive for the genre. Crisp chemistry

  • An all out blitzkrieg of sound

  • This is an exceptional hardcore album with some very entertaining twists


Brew Pairing

Grab an Aecht Schlenker Rauchbier. This is a German smoked beer and is a dark, aromatic, bottom fermented beer with 13.5 percent original extract, which is equivalent to an ABV of 5.1%. The perfect match for the hardcore balance that the German trio bring.

Chaver are:

Chris - Bass, Vocals

Winny - Guitar

Willi - Drums, Vocals

Follow Chaver: Bandcamp / Facebook


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