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Daughters of Kilimanjaro (Even Quentin Got Disgusted)

Crank this to 8.3 of 11

Released: 2017

Genre: Psychedelic, Progressive Rock

Sounds Like: The Pineapple Thief, Chevelle, Oceansize

There has been very little excitement over the last few months on the new band front with respect to the progressive rock genre. We were pleasantly surprised to have stumbled upon Croatia’s Daughters of Kilimanjaro and their debut EP release. The three tracks which run approximately 20 minutes in length total are filled with texture and great songwriting.

Daughters of Kilimanjaro possess a tight sound and chemistry that takes a hold of the listener immediately. There is an intangible we have not heard from many of the new progressive rock bands out. No tiring long-winded build or tangent that is hard to grasp. Rather, the Croatians impress by their straightforward and crisp approach. Very nice harmonies ala Chevelle blend nicely into powerful build-ups in solid Tool fashion on each of the tracks. While this is a formula we have heard before, Daughters of Kilimanjaro pull it off through authentic chemistry.


1. Kilimanjaro (5:48)

2. Maze (7:03)

3. Bartok (8:10)

What is our favorite track?

The build-up in "Maze" is powerful and engrossing. Great percussion typifying that straightforward approach we appreciate. The lyrics are intriguing and complimented by some very high pitched and lofty fretwork. Check-out Fila’s climatic angst and scream to close the track... impressive.

How is the production value?

Above average. As Leonard Klaić deserves some compliments here for a very even and crisp job. While the band features intense percussion and guitar-work, the sound fills your headphones and the room with balance and precision.

What adult beverage do you recommend accompanyEven Quentin Got Disgusted?

‘The Cocktail’ Zadar Maraschino – a liqueur flavored with maraska cherry, a characteristic product of Dalmatia Sour cherry juice – of that same maraska cherry behind the above liqueur which grows mainly in the vicinity of Zadar Fresh lemon juice – essential to the cocktail Arancini – candied orange peel traditionally manufactured in Dubrovnik and responsible for the distinct Crocktail taste

What are our final thoughts forEven Quentin Got Disgusted?

Daughters of Kilimanjaro show balance and poise on their debut EP. Progressive rock fans should appreciate their not trying to do too much. Rather they perfect the classic build and anthemic song structure that has been quite lacking over the past several years. We recommend you keep this one in heavy rotation. Currently a ‘name your price’ release on BandCamp, it is well worth you throwing some Croatian Kuna.

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