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Brunt (Self Titled)

Crank this to 8.6 of 11

Released: 2014

Genre: Stoner Rock, Sludge, Instrumental

Sounds Like: Mother Engine, Les Lekin, Colour Haze

Hailing from an island off the coast of Normandy called Guernsey? First off where the hell is that? And why have we never heard of this place? We are not the most well read crew on the planet, but seriously when did this place pop up on the map? Not only has Brunt opened us up to a new mystical land but they have enlightened us to a fresh take on psychedelic sludge. These five tracks sound absolutely heavenly on your headphones and certainly put them on the map. Crisp production and pinpoint fretwork lead the way as the power trio grind through five very powerful tracks.

Tracks List:

1. St. Felix of Nola (08:43)

2. The Tale of the Hideous Tricorn (05:30)

3. Rabbit of Cannabong (06:34)

4. A Concise Cosmic History of the Swob Monster Pt. 1 (04:52)

5. Raw Goat (06:24)

Track one starts off very methodical and eases in with some grinding repetition that builds now nicely... wait until the 4:20 mark, it will floor you as it fades into a somber soft lull. Very impactful and blissful contrast.

Track two is perhaps the most straightforward piece on the album. Solid wawa pedal throughout while the percussion is the real highlight on this one.

Enter track three "Rabbit of Cannabong" with some slapping of the bass and uncle salty interludes. Some of the best reverb you will ever hear at about the 1:45 mark. This one features some of the strongest melodies off the album. Brant Bjork influences really take hold towards the end of this track.

Track four utilizing Swob Monster in its title must be intriguing enough. 70s influenced riffage ala the Dutch virtuosos Focus... all we need is a little yodeling and we are good to go. This track features the strongest technical guitar work off the album.

The closer "Raw Goat" is our favorite off the album. The bass is entrancing from the getgo and the production is absolutely crystal clear as you hear every creak in the bass strings. A very calming and warm guitar sweeps over the steady bass. We hear some elements of 3 Mile Pilot and then a dramatic fury of very heavy guitar work. Vibrant guitar melodies eventually burst through providing for a very dramatic ending.

The trio that is Brunt absolutely deserve your attention. They may not be breaking ground here but they provide enough craftsmanship to make this more than a hohum post rock instrumental. Instead the Guernseyites deliver a polished psychedelic sludge journey with enough change-ups and intense moments to make this a very positive find for your music collection.

Standout Tracks: Raw Goat

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