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Black Willows (Shemurah)

Crank this to 10.5 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Doom, Shamanic doom

Sounds Like: Monolord, OM, Ocean

Homeland: Lausanne, Switzerland

Black Willows

Album Overview

  • Black Willows hit new heights with their third full-length Shemurah

  • Over 78 minutes of all-encompassing Shamanic doom

  • Crafting dark angles into absolutely beautiful visions

  • The furthest thing from ‘in your face’ doom, rather this surrounds your senses with layers of absolute briliance

  • True purveyors of their craft. This trio deliver a unique vision and soundtrack of the senses

  • Even the fucking interludes are involved and absorbing. The antithesis of “filler”

  • Cavernous vocals utilized in a dynamic way as a complimentary instrument throughout


Track Breakdown:

1. Communion (19:33)

An epic opener going against the grain. Too many majestic moving parts to describe.

2. Interlude 1 (2:24)

An absolute misnomer. Lyrics and wonderful contrast make for 2 minutes of engaging bliss.

3. Ascent (18:06)

Cathartic brilliance. All-consuming melodic genius. Grinding fretwork bleeds into a march of the titans.

4. Interlude II (3:39)

Love the formula with these involved thought-provoking “interludes”

5. Blindness (10:51)

Most poignant of the lot. Beautiful tones and build-up

6. Anhihilated (8:07) Standout Track

This track will wrap you up in its cocoon of battlefront visions and onslaught from all angles.

7. Anathem (10:57)

Splashes of whirling psychedelic relaxation accompanied by some wondrous build-up.

8. Aphorism (6:13)

A beautiful exit with ominous piano and a heartfelt close.


Brew Pairing

To match the wonders of Shemurah we cannot go elsewhere than Massachusetts own Treehouse Brewing. Renown as perhaps the best beer in the world we would strongly recommend sipping on their double IPA release - Perfect Storm. At 8% ABV, Perfect Storm is absurdly hopped featuring boatloads of Simcoe & Citra hops, perfect storm pours a glowing orange in the glass and carries flavors and aromas of earthy citrus, cantaloupe, papaya, and strawberry banana. This one will evolve beautifully in the can with time and reveal layers of additional complexity through cold conditioning. Consuming a four pack of this during the 78 minutes of Black Willows vision is what we call a damn fucking good use of time.

Black Willows are:

Aleister Crowley - Guitar and Vocals

Sacha Ruffieux - Bass

Erik Dettori - Drums and Piano

Follow Black Willows: Bandcamp / Facebook


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