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Low Orbit (Crater Creator)

Crank this to 9.6 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Sons of Otis, Black Rainbows, Demonauta

Homeland: Toronto

Low Orbit

Album Overview

  • Crater Creator is a monolithic stoner album loaded with an abundance of sonic fuzz and sci-fi themes

  • The band's third album keeps the same formula as past releases, yet they crank up the production for this one

  • This album needs to be played at high volume on a quality system to appreciate the level of production. Everything about this album feels thick and dense and will challenge your stereo, speaker, or whatever your metal output is.... we warned you

  • The vocals of guitarist Angelo Catenaro blend perfectly into the music. Sounding as if he's on another planet shouting in the distance with tremendous echo

  • The rhythms carried throughout Crater Creator are massive, this album is just a wall of dynamic riffs

  • Low Orbit are steadily climbing the ranks as a go-to stoner rock band. Their commitment to space fuzz is highly addicting


Track Listing:

1. Crater Creator 05:11

2. Tardis 04:28

3. Sea of See 05:47

4. Empty Space 05:25

5. Monocle 04:59

6. Wormhole 04:06

7. Timelord 05:51


Standout Track(s)

Sea of See

The riffs combined with the vocals on this song is fantastic and mesmerizing. It borders on some doom landscapes with dense psychedelic space fuzz.


Brew Pairing

Armadillo Comet IPA is a great companion with Crater Creator. This 9.5% IPA by Epic Brewing in Utah is strong with some bitterness, but not overwhelming.

Low Orbit are:

Angelo Catenaro – Guitars, Vocals

Joe Grgic – Bass, Synth

Emilio Mammone – Drums

Follow Low Orbit: Bandcamp / Facebook


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