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Barbarian Hermit (One)

Crank this to 10.4 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Sludge, Doom

Sounds Like: Crowbar, Down, Corrosion of Conformity

Homeland: Manchester, UK

Barbarian Hermit

Track Overview:

1. Mermaid (6:48)

Patience is a virtue. Let the guitars hug and intertwine. Love this tease of an opener.

2. Tigerhorse (6:44)

So many good hooks on this one. The chemistry abound is fucking fantastic.

3. Burn The Fire (4:34)

Brilliantly mapped out and so inventive. There is something in this melody unmatched.

4. BEA (8:56)

Patient thick gravy is right. Let this one simmer, it is engrossing.

5. Alma (4:39)

Heaviest part of the entire album hits at the 3:00 mark and they dive into a tremendous transition. Wow.

6. Widowmaker (7:25) Different vocal perspectives and loftiness on this one. Appreciate the diverse presence here. Stongest track lyrically.

7. Through the Periscope of the Deadly Sub (9:28) Standout Track

This track with monumental heights and grandiloquent vision. Scarlett is a god


Album Nuggets

  • Simple covers do not always mean lackluster albums, this is a robust onslaught of crisp production and groove

  • Fuzz-tastic this is a headphonal orgasm. So full, so rich with deep grinding undercurrent we don't know where to focus

  • The five-piece 3rd release is a what the fuck moment. How did we not give these folk more attention? We have awoken

  • A raging fucking contender for album of the year and its only March

  • Thickly layered sludge that is a must for all lovers of the heavy


Brew Pairing

We are bringing out the big guns for this one. The amazing limited edition 'Godmother' a 12% ABV delight rich imperial stout from Lord Hobo Brewing of Massachusetts. Founder, Daniel Lanigan's legendary IPA vision takes a twist diving into the stout world. Dark body with brown edges when back lit. Caramel and chocolate hints. So complimentary to the thick onslaught that Barbarian Hermit deliver. Rich and inviting and it will suck you in with each sip.

Barbarian Hermit are:

Simon Prato Scarlett - vocals

Mike Regan - guitars

Adam Robertshaw - guitars

Chris Wood - bass

Loz Brindley - drums

Follow Barbarian Hermit: Bandcamp / Facebook

Label: AFP Records


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