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Acid Magus (Wyrd Syster)

Crank this to 10.4 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Stoner rock, Heavy psych rock

Sounds Like: Arenna, Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats, Black Rainbows, Witch

Homeland: South Africa

Acid Magus

Album Overview

  • Wyrd Syster is the debut release from the South African heavy psyche foursome

  • What make this album unique is their ability to create an acid laced blend of stoner rock meets garage rock. It's a beautiful 45 minute heavy psychedelic journey

  • Lead vocalist Christiaan Van Renen carries an echoed or almost aquatic feel throughout the entire album

  • The production is solid on this record. The guitars have a spacey swirling tone while the bass provides a steady grounding and the drumming brings tremendous rhythms

  • Acid Magus have released one of this years special stoner releases that will appear on end of year doom lists



1. Wyrd Syster 4:44

2. Rituals 7:09

3. Conscientious Pugilist 8:50

4. Virgo 1:51

5. She is the Night 6:02

6. Evil 7:00

7. Red Dawn 8:35


Standout Tracks:

Red Dawn

Fuck this song is stellar. The opening riff is so inspiring, you'll want to get out and do something majestic like climb a mountain. The song has a terrific psychedelic stoner flow until about the 4:00 mark, where the doom creeps in. Although we do miss the majestic fuzz, the second half of this song is very mesmerizing. Oh, and the scream at 6:17 is icing on the cake... All Hail The Red Dawn!!

She is the Night

A fabulous tune with rich and fuzzy textures. The airy flow of the guitars and steady percussion is something special. Vocalist Christiaan Van Renen may be at his best on this track. His vocals float effortlessly among the psychedelic heaviness, yet digs deep from within when needed.


Brew Pairing

Grab a four pack of Updraft IPA from Outer Range Brewing in Colorado. This 7.5% IPA is a collaboration brew with Resident Culture Brewing, so it may be limited. Nonetheless, it's a crisp and citrusy IPA with some bite. A great pairing with Wyrd Syster.

Acid Magus are:

Keenan Kinnear - Guitars

Jarryd Wood - Bass

Roelof van Tonder - Drums

Christiaan Van Renen - Vocals

Follow Acid Magus: Facebook / Bandcamp

The Space Huns

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