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Black Math Horseman (Wyllt)

Crank this to 9.5 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2009

Genre: Psychedelic Rock, Atmospheric Metal

Sounds Like: ISIS, Kylesa

Black Math Horseman

Talk about a mood-setting masterpiece. Black Math Horeseman's Wylit is one of the best loner albums to come around in a long time. By loner, we mean it will give you the uncontrollable urge to wander off on your own or take a walk with the headphones into a dark desolate place. BMH's debut is a mature work of art with tremendous balance and beauty. Sera Timms vocals are extraordinarily dark and ominous with soft monotone  perfection, her chanting creeps and builds are very powerful moments throughout the album. The guitar work is crisp and tight, building at just the right moments. The last track, "Birds of All Faiths" is a true stunner as Sera's vocals explode into demonic fits of possession half way thru the 11 minute song, along with some great guitar riffs reminding us of Jesus Lizard meets Kyuss' Sky Valley. Every collection requires such a mood-setter. Perfect for that rainy day or dark night where you just want to reflect. Standout Tracks: Birds of All Faiths


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