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Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree (Medicine)

Crank this to 9.5 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2017

Genre: Stoner Rock, Heavy Psych Rock

Sounds Like: Dead Meadow, Arenna, Oceansize

Kick back and let this album numb you. The German-based foursome have a knack for slow and steady wins the race. Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree debut album Medicine is aptly titled for its hallucinogenic effect as it is chock full of psychedelia. Psychedelia that goes off on quite a few tangents as the band meanders into some very distant territory. Marc Dreher really brings us back to solid footing with his tremendous percussion work coupled with his brother Lucas’ poetic and vibrant fretwork.

After the first few rotations we found ourselves slowly attaining the ability to focus more as the fog began to clear. At about our fourth rotation Medicine was making much more sense and soon became a mainstay. Track listing: 1. Every Night I Walk the Same Trail of Thought (10:27) 2. Burn the Sun (7:30) 3. Medicine (6:13) 4. Sail Away I (14:14) 5. Sail Away II (6:57) If we could only pick one track to download which would it be? Oooh that's a tough one given this is such a mellow and trippy album that flows together so well. While "Sail Away I" and "II" take us on an amazing journey, we have to give it to the title track "Medicine". This fucking song gets into some intense doom bass-work along with some of the best contrast with Dreher’s tremendous high pitched melodies. We hear Sleep blended with Oceansize and Tool. We know... hard to grasp, but the shortest song on the album takes the cake here. What adult beverage do we recommend accompany this album? Killer Bee Dark Honey Ale (6% ABV). Head west from Germany to Canada and enjoy the impeccable flavor that involves plenty of roasted malts, tasty honey, and dark fruit. What are out final thought for Medicine? This foursome have the patience of saints and you come to appreciate their steadiness and homage to psychedelic doom. The ultimate build-ups will not blow you away, but the contrast and chemistry sure will. After a few rounds of bludgeoning drudgery the skies open and majestic fretwork will invigorate you. This is a mighty impressive debut album from a band that we are excited to follow as they commence their career. Give this one a gander and stay with it. Well worth your time. - 2/6/2017 Band members: Marc Dreher - Drums, Vocals Christopher Popowitsch - Bass Lucas Dreher - Guitar Simon Weinrich - Lead Guitars, Psychedelic sounds Follow Bees Made Honey in the Vein Tree: Bandcamp / Facebook


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