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All Them Witches (Lightning At The Door)

Crank this to 9 of 11 - Editor's Pick

Released: 2013

Genre: Psychedelic rock, Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Wolf People, The Black Keys, Radio Moscow

Looking for another album to add to your top albums of 2013 list? Look no further than Lightning At The Door by All Them Witches. The band from Nashville, Tennessee has brought forth an album consisting of eight tracks that embody thoughtful blues riffs, psychedelic jams with dark undertones and clean, laid back vocals. Let’s start with the drumming; it’s contagious and powerful as it provides the album with a strong foundation where the music can take form. The bass follows suite and works seamlessly with the drums, adding a deeper layer. The blues-like guitars, background organ work and the echoed vocals help complete structure to the album.

The opening track "Funeral For A Great Drunken Bird" is not only a great song title, it’s quite an opener. The song starts with some low-toned, doom-esque riffs, a trippy harmonica shows up and leads us to the spoken word style singing. The vocals are calming and consistent throughout the album. Lead singer Michael Parks Jr. gives off a Dan Auerbach on sedatives vibe. His soothing laid back approach is endearing to the listener and really keeps the album grounded. "When God Comes Back" blends hints of Queens of the Stone Age’s debut album with some sensational catchy hooks. The bluesy "Marriage of Coyote Woman" offers up some great lyrics and organ work, as the swirling guitars harken back to the days of Blue Cheers’ “Peace Of Mind”.

One of the standout tracks is the mesmerizing, aptly named "Swallowed By The Sea", it’s 8:23 of psychedelic doom riffage. This tune will engulf and consume you as it offers an array of vibrant color. Next track is "Charles William", arguably the best track on the album. Don’t let the odd title fool you as this is a radiant masterpiece. Envision Paul Rogers from Bad Company combined with some of the best slide guitar and mellow start-stop musicianship. On top of this we are provided layers of crystal clean bass and drums... very impressive. Another 8-plus minute track "The Death of Coyote Woman" is so damn catchy, we are drawn to this song like bees to honey, as it gets many plays around here from our editors. The instrumental "Romany Dagger" is a nice change of pace, with its toe tapping rhythm. "Mountain", the album’s closing song is a soft bluesy song that just builds and builds towards the end as it breaks out into a Graveyard-like frenzy, leaving you wanting more.

Lightning At The Door is rustic splendor from start to finish. One of our favorite obscure albums of the year that will be in our heavy rotation for the foreseeable future. Grab this one as it will spruce up your blues rock collection and make an imprint on your soul.

Standout Tracks: Charles William, Swallowed By The Sea

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