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THAT'S ALL FOLKS! (Captured Live)

Released: 2023

Genre: Stoner rock

Sounds Like: Nebula, Truckfighters, Black Rainbows

Homeland: Italy

That's All Folks Captured Live

What makes Captured Live elite and sit atop OHMs Peak?

  • Italy's stoner-psych trio THAT'S ALL FOLKS! were active during the 90s eruption of the stoner rock scene. From 1990-2001, THAT'S ALL FOLKS! blessed us with a few stoner rock classics, then went on hiatus. Until recently we've been seeing an influx of their albums re-released and remastered

  • Whatever is going on in the world of That's All Folks!, it lead to a reunion show in September 2023. The result is this beast of a live album entitled 'Captured Live'

  • Normally we do not review live albums, but this one just grabbed a hold of our crew. Loaded with classics from their early works and a couple hidden fuzzed gems, this album hits all the right notes and more. With tremendous production, each instrument is clear, distinct and packs quite a punch

  • Classics like 'Seed' slams with crunchy stoner riffs and thumping Jesus Lizard-like bass. 'Aquasphere' is a steady and trippy psychedelic stoned affair while 'Echos and Dust' graces us with an enthusiastic stoner bounce

  • We are hoping this album gains momentum within the stoner rock community and we hear new material and a possible tour from the band in 2024


Track Listing:

1.Real Last Night 5:27

2. Jumboo 5:22

3. Ghosts & Echoes 3:13

4. March of Chameleons 4:26

5. The Seed 4:07

6. Aquasphere 11:14

7. Buio Omega 4:01

8. Motormouse & Autocat 3:56

9. Marigold (Bonus Track) 6:04

10. Sweet Leaf (Bonus Track) 5:53


Dive deeper into Captured Live with our Q&A with THAT'S ALL FOLKS!

OHMs Peak: We are big fans of your entire library and love that you have re-released your catalog. The release of this live reunion album is a brilliant idea. The clarity and production is absolutely stunning. Would love to hear more about the making of Captured Live.

THAT'S ALL FOLKS!: The 30 yrs celebration was the purpose of Captured Live, to recreate our career and challenge ourselves in hearing how TAF would sound today. Maybe it's not so bad ahahah.

OHMs Peak: Does this mean we may get a new album out of you and the band is back together for the foreseeable future?… or is THAT'S ALL FOLKS?

THAT'S ALL FOLKS!: For a new album, we are at the moment very busy with our bands (Anuseye and Moon's Mallow and with their new albums recently released), but never say never... now we are Happy to have some shows and get fun, and were very surprised for the echo that our band gained for this kind of reunion.

OHMs Peak: Tell us about the venue? Is it your favorite?

THAT'S ALL FOLKS!: We were invited to play in Matera by the Indian Bikers in their stunning clubhouse where there is a very good acoustic. So we decided to record the gig with Angelo Pantaleo who made the live recordings and the mixing. It's quite a brilliant result, isn't It?"

OHMs Peak: Who does your album artwork? It’s genius and particularly love the Captured Live piece.

THAT'S ALL FOLKS!: The artwork is from an Italian artist, Paolo Polli. It's a huge oil on canvas painting.

OHMs Peak: That's All Folks! is stranded on an island with only a solar powered record player. The entire band must agree to only 1 album to have during your stay… what album is it?

THAT'S ALL FOLKS!: For Michele... Arthur Lee & Love, Forever Changes, for Claudio is a cruel challenge!!! Let's say Sam Gopal's Escalator.



Bass, Michele Rossiello

Guitar and voice, Claudio Colaianni

Drums, Cosimo Armenio

Solo guitar, Stefano Pomponio

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