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Sign Of The Sorcerer (Obsessions of the Vile)

Crank this to 8.5 of 11

Released: 2021

Genre: Doom

Sounds Like: Mephistofeles, Purple Hill Witch

Homeland: Nashville, Tennesee

Sign of the Sorcerer

Album Overview

  • Obsessions of the Vile is raw doom album laced with psychedelic fuzz and occult horror themes

  • The vocals of Sky Brooks have this echoed, low-toned Uncle Acid vibe. It's a great style that helps conjure up this psychedelic doom aura

  • It's great to hear doom music of this nature coming from Tennessee. At first listen we assumed they originated from Spain

  • This album is a thick wall of psych doom that has arrived in time for the cooler weather settling in for us in the Northeast, US



1. Necropsychodelia 06:42

2. Satan's Choice 03:24

3. Black Night 666 04:27

4. Meth Queen 05:35

5. Nosferatu 06:31


Standout Tracks:

Satan's Choice

After the trippy voice intro, this fuzz hits hard. With the vocals blended into the background, this tune sounds incredible when cranked.

Meth Queen

This track oozes along with addictive riffs and meditative psychedlia.


Brew Pairing

We need something dark and bold for this album. Check out Blessed Stout by Anchorage Brewing in Alaska. This 14% bourbon barrel-aged Imperial Stout is beast, yet smooth. With flavors of vanilla and coconut, this stout pair perfectly with Sorcerer.

Sign of the Sorcerer are:

Guitars/Vocals: Sky Brooks

Bass: Justin Hembree

Percussion: Josh Watts

Follow Sign of the Sorcerer: Facebook / Bandcamp


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