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Satánico Pandemonium (Espectrofilia)

Crank this to 9.6 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Doom

Sounds Like: Electric Wizard, Purple Hill Witch, Clouds Taste Satanic

Homeland: Mexico

Satánico Pandemonium

Album Overview

  • Acid fuzzed doom from Mexico

  • Slightly distorted sound gives the album a raw live studio feel

  • The occasional female spoken poems bring forth a sense of occult doom. Perhaps they are excerpts from 70s horror movies, we'll never know

  • There is not one lick of English found on this album, the Spanish dialect provides us with an authentic haunting aura

  • Easily one of the top doom albums of 2021


Track Listing:

1. El que Reside Dentro (9:01)

2. Parábola del Juez Perverso (7:16)

3. Asistolia (1:02)

4. Espectrofilia (8:59)

5. Panteonera (8:21)

6. La Muerte del Sol (7:59)


Standout Track(s):


Sludgy, drug induced doom with moments of classic stoner rock. The raw and desperate vocals don't appear until 5 minutes in.

El que Reside Dentro

The combination of occult doom with angst punk like vocals work very will together.


Brew Pairing

Sit back and crank the doom with some Cosmos Vanilla & Coconut Hazy. This 8% IPA from Ecliptic Brewing in Oregon is bold with a very nice thick/creamy pour. It's hoppy, malty with blends of citrus complex (orange, tangerine, grapefruit, pineapple, mango, peach, papaya, melon) and a touch of coconut/vanilla. A complex brew that pairs well with Espectrofilia.

Satánico Pandemonium are:

Sergio - Guitars / FX

Miguel - Guitars

Cosmo - Drums / Vocals

Daniel - Bass / Vocals

Lorena Terrazas - Vocals on "Parábola del Juez Perverso"

Follow Satánico Pandemonium: Bandcamp / Facebook


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