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Rolo Tomassi (Where Myth Becomes Memory)

Crank this to 9.6 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2022

Genre: Post-hardcore, Mathcore

Sounds Like: Dillinger Escape Plan, Norma Jean, Venom Prison

Homeland: UK

Rolo Tomassi

Album Overview

  • Rolo Tomassi have an established underground mathcore following after a few releases that will challenge bands like Dillinger Escape Plan or Botch

  • The latest effort by the UK/New Jersey mathcore quartet shows tremendous growth and maturity with the ability to expand their signature sound into areas of shoegaze and progressive metal

  • Where Myth Meets Memory is a bold and confident album with an abundance of textured progressive soundscapes; It's both dark and uplifting

  • The contrast is absolutely stunning on this album as it balances from moments of comforting piano driven structures to classic Rolo Tomassi crushing mathcore

  • Vocalist Eva Korman is at the top of her game and is becoming one of the more established female metal singers of our time. Her contrasting style is sensually soft, than hits you hits with the powerful mathcore scream


Track Listing:

1. Almost Always 6:30

2. Cloaked 3:54

3. Mutual Ruin 5:14

4. Labyrinthine 3:26

5. Closer 5:15

6. Drip 5:50

7. Prescience 4:54

8. Stumbling 2:50

9. To Resist Forgetting 4:04

10. The End Of Eternity 6:12


Standout Track(s)


This stellar track flows beautifully between mathcore and Post-rock. Eva's vocals are desperate and soft. Some of the best contrast to be found on this album.


This one will get your blood pumping. The riff is tight and the rhythm is downright addictive. The percussion is heavy and the keys in the background provide more welcome contrast. The last minute takes a slight turn towards what sounds like mathcore doom, it's a brilliant turn of events.


Brew Pairing

The Substance IPA by Bissell Brothers Brewing in Maine is a great pairing with Where Myth Becomes Memory. This 6.6% hazy IPA has a nice crisp texture with a bit of citrus flavor.

Rolo Tomassi are:

Eva Korman – Lead vocals

James Spence – Backing vocals, keyboards, piano, synthesizers

Chris Cayford – Guitar

Nathan Fairweather – Bass

Al Pott – Drums

Follow Rolo Tomassi: Bandcamp / Facebook


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