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Big|Brave (Vital)

Crank this to 10.5 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Drone rock, Minimalist doom

Sounds Like: Boris, PJ Harvey, Sun O)))

Homeland: Montreal, Canada

Big Brave

Album Overview

  • The trio from Montreal deliver 38 minutes of apocalyptic genius

  • A dark journey that will reinvent itself for you with each listen

  • Powerful steady chords set the backdrop to one of this year’s most innovative musical creations

  • Layers of thick rich bludgeoning fretwork brought to majestic life by Robin Wattie’s vocal prowess

  • The density of the fuzz is oddly cathartic and makes your mind wander, escaping reality for a moment

  • Bjork trapped in a cavernous underworld

  • A sheerly unique experience and ‘must have’ to diversify your music library

  • A disturbingly beautiful album


Track Breakdown:

1. Abating the Incarnation of Matter (7:22)

Ohh the simplicity in those guitar chords just bolster the gut-wrenching pipes of Wattie.

2. Half Breed (8:08)

Swirling fretwork with spiraling vocal despair.

3. Wited, Still and All… (4:22)

Creeping interlude that will grow on you each listen.

4. Of This Ilk (9:36)

Perhaps the thickest to digest of the lot, brooding brilliance.

5. Vital (9:08)

Hang on for this wild ride. So many dark turns with a jaw-dropping conclusion.


Brew Pairing

Match the sonic simplistic brilliance of Vital with Yakima IPA from Microbrasserie Le Castor. At 6.5% ABV This IPA uses hops grown east of the Cascade Mountains, capturing the aroma and flavors of the rustic land. Rich hoppy notes pour into orange bliss with flavorful piney tones of pineapple and grapefruit. Well balanced and crisp perfect for Big | Brave’s vision.

Big|Brave are:

Robin Wattie - Guitar, Vocals

Mathieu Bernard Ball - Guitar

Tasy Hudson (Consilience) - Drums

Follow Big|Brave: Bandcamp / Facebook


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