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Glassing (Twin Dream)

Crank this to 10.1 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Post-metal, Post-hardcore

Sounds Like: Ghost Bath, Bloodiest, Astronoid

Homeland: Austin, Texas


Album Overview

  • The trio from Austin Texas soar to new heights on their third release

  • The high range of discord is saturated with beauty, both woven masterfully into 45 minutes of sonic bliss

  • Twin Dream hits a consistent landscape while crossing over elements of post rock, shoegaze and crunching black metal and post hardcore

  • Pummeling ominous landscapes lead to breathtaking atmospheric heights

  • We appreciate the diversity that Glassing brings. Refreshing to the black metal genre is the their avoidance of monotony and ability to provide contrast and varying tempos


Track Breakdown:

1. Spire (3:37)

Wind blown backdrop fills to fury at the slaughterhouse. Wild contrast at the 2:30 mark where a dramatic screeching halt engulfs the listener.

2. Burden (7:01) Standout Track

You can really feel the depth Glassing has to offer with majestic swirling fretwork that is absolutely entrancing. Burden will take you on a wild ride of pain and beauty.

3. Absolute Virtue (4:10)

Is a black metal faithful through and through. The track does not waiver in anguish.

4. Faint (1:18)

Post-rock interlude.

5. Twin Dreams (6:37)

The title track begins with comforting angelic vocals only to be buttressed further by a pummeling post metal onslaught.

6. Godless Night (6:06)

Minimalism drives a track of relaxation and reflection.

7. Doppler (2:20)

Controlled chaos with blackened vocals of despair.

8. Among the Stars (3:08)

One of the heavier black metal tracks on the album. The beauty is they mix in doom and hardcore layers.

9. Where Everything Is Still (2:22)

Soft interlude on the vein of Faint.

10. True North (4:14)

Crushing swift rhythms interweave beautiful waves of oceanic post metal.

11. At Long Last (4:40)

Releases the calm after the storm. Marching off to glory angelic voices return to close us out.


Brew Pairing

Twin Dream blends brilliantly with Heavy Machinery a double IPA at 10% ABV from Austin Beerworks. Taste sweet candy malt, little honey, caramel, little pine and spruce, generic citrus pith, candy sweet marmalade, fair bitterness, little candy hint of alcohol late, drier not sticky.

Glassing are:

Dustin Coffman- Vocals/Bass

Cory Brim- Guitar

Jason Camacho -Drums

Follow Glassing: Bandcamp / Facebook



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