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Mythic Sunship (Wildfire)

Crank this to 9.2 of 11 - Editors' Pick

Released: 2021

Genre: Instrumental, Experimental, Psychedelic Rock

Sounds Like: Nectar, Gong, Ecstatic Vision

Homeland: Denmark

Mystic Sunship

Album Overview

  • Take a retroactive acid laced trip with the 70s influenced psychedelic crew from Copenhagen.

  • The band’s sixth release features an outpouring of 1970s influences from Atomic Rooster to Focus

  • Their latest album hits deeper experimental tangents that will absolutely absorb your intellect

  • Groove laden fuzz dispersed amongst some very deeply rooted jazz-infused sax. Cosmic outbursts morphing in to otherworldly jams with wild harmonies

  • Among Europe's finest purveyors of psychedelic music, bridging the gap between heavy riff worshipping and expansive, free jazz-tinged experimentation

  • 2018’s introduction of Soren Skov on sax changed the band’s dynamic immensely. He shines on the band’s latest Wildfire


Track Breakdown:

1. Maelstrom (10:36) Standout Track

Sax infusion whisks us back to the day, infectious tangents

2. Olympia (11:21)

Majestic brilliance and a whirlwind of euphoric vision

3. Landfall (6:04)

A bit more modern tilt with Santana’s like clarity

4. Redwood Grove (6:38)

Melodies blend with ‘Going Up’ feels like one seamless track

5. Going Up (9:01)



Brew Pairing

At 7.3 ABV grab one of Denmark’s best Pilsner - Imperial / Double in Giraf Beer (Red). Blissful and smooth the perfect match to Wildfire’s involved journey.

Majestic Sunship are:

Rasmus Cleve Christensen - Bass

Frederik Denning - Drums

Emil Thorenfeldt - Guitar

Kasper Stougaard Andersen - Guitar

Soren Skov - Saxophone

Follow Majestic Sunship: Bandcamp / Facebook


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