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Iron Deficiency (Morning in the Burning House)

Released: 2023

Genre: Hardcore, Punk

Sounds Like: Lashdown, Made Out Of Babies, Ithaca

Homeland: France

Iron Deficiency - Morning in the burning house

What makes Morning in the Burning House elite and sit atop OHMs Peak?

  • Hailing from France, Iron Deficiency bring fourth a straight up 17 minute gut punching hardcore/punk album

  • Morning in the Burning House delivers eight bruising cuts fueled by emotion and angst

  • "A Call to Rage" grabs you right out of the gate and never lets go. Thick, heavy punk, hard-core with tremendous movement and wild change ups. We love the hip-hop breakdown at the end of the track.

  • The vocals of Mathilde are unbelievable. Her agressive tone is downright inspiring and rank up their with the likes of 90's era Karen Crisis or Julie Christmas... you can feel the raw anger

  • The music is in classic hardcore style with underlying punk vibes

  • It's an album that grows stronger with every rotation. Its short time span makes this even more alluring. No gimmicks or wasted moments are to be found as the album never wears out its welcome


Track Listing:

1. A Call To Rage 01:52

2. Locked In 02:18

3. On the Edge 02:12

4. Perfect 01:32

5. All Bite No Bark (feat. Felox) 01:47

6. Human Mistake 02:37

7. Final Words 02:08

8. Morning in the Burning House (feat. Romain Bedel [Cavalerie]) 02:17


Standout Tracks

A daunting task for an album of this eliteness, but 'On the Edge' and 'Locked In' will win you over with their unfilterd heaviness.

Album Art

We are not sure what the meaning is behind the album art is, but it was enough to lure us in.

Brew pairing for Morning in the Burning House

Grab some It Comes In Waves IPA by Maine brewing company Mast Landing. This 8% IPA is hazy and tropical, a great pairing with Iron Deficiency.


Iron Deficiency are:

Mathilde (vocals)

Erwan (drums)

Guillaume (bass)

Axxxel (guitar)

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